Neo Georgian 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

A very popular choice for customers looking for a bespoke design and premium performance, the range of Neo Georgian 4 column cast iron radiators we have in stock are some of the best cast iron radiators available at Trade Radiators. 

If you’ve been looking for a classic design from your radiator but want a modern radiator that works well in any space, shop the range today and remember that all radiators from Trade Radiators come with free delivery.

What brands of Neo Georgian column radiators does Trade Radiators stock?  

The Neo Georgian design looks unique, and it’s quite hard to pull off. We only work with brands who design hard-working radiators; that’s why all the radiators on this page are from Paladin. 

Paladin is a UK based radiator manufacturer we have been stocking for a long time now. We think their attention to detail and level of care taken with their radiators makes them one of the best in the world for cast-iron models.

If you’d like to see what other designs Paladin make, you can have a look at the full Paladin range here or view our full range of radiators.

What finishes do Neo Georgian column radiators come in?

The brilliant thing about cast iron radiators is that they’re very adaptable and you can have almost any finish or colour on them. Generally, there are four styles of finish you can have on a Neo Georgian Radiator:

  • Metallic
  • Antique
  • Highlight
  • Polished

Some finishes are optional and will have a fee included. We can usually provide a primer coating on your cast iron radiator, and in some cases you’ll be able to have Farrow & Ball custom painted on the radiator.

How can I get a cheap 4 column cast iron radiator? 

Modern radiators are cheaper because they’re quite simple to make. When it comes to cast iron radiators, there is a lot of technique and work that goes into making them look as fantastic as they do.

Because of this, it can be hard to get a cheap 4 column cast iron radiator, but it is still possible to get a great deal on one if you know where to look on site.

The 600mm by 208mm Neo Georgian is one of the best deals we have for a radiator like this and works as a great space saver.

Anyone looking for a small cast iron radiator at a reasonable price should also look at the 360mm by 208mm Neo Georgian. It is the smallest in the range but packs a punch when warming a room up.

Don’t forget that we also have our radiator clearance section, which we continually add stock to. It’s often where you’ll find some of the best deals on site. You can also see our full selection of radiators to choose from a variety of styles & finishes.

Modern 4 Column Neo Georgian radiators for kitchens 

If the kitchen is the centre of your home, you’ll need a cast iron radiator that has a large BTU and can cope with a room where doors open and close a lot. The 760mm by 512mm has eight sections and a BTU that reaches 2934. We recommend it for open plan kitchens that have adequate space.

Modern 4 Column Neo Georgian radiators for hallways

Neo Georgians have a design that looks fantastic in a hallway. If it’s a lofty space with a high ceiling, the 960mm by 512mm reaches up to 3782 BTU and can work wonders to keep the chill out of the air. 

Do I have to do any aftercare with a cast iron radiator?

Cast iron radiators last for a long time and rarely need any maintenance to work year after year. When you’re getting a specific finish though, like a polished look, we do recommend giving the radiator a quick clean every once in a while to keep the finish looking good.

Trade Radiators Delivery Promise

Cast iron radiators take on average five days to get ready and sent on their way. With free delivery, we aim to get any order delivered as quickly as possible. Just remember that if you’re getting a custom finish on a Neo Georgian radiator,r it may take a few days for us to get it looking perfect before we ship it.

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