Reina Alco Designer Radiators

One of the newest Reina radiators to launch and undoubtedly one of the best designs too, the range of Reina Alco designer radiators currently in stock truly match unique design with great heat output.

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Why buy a Reina Alco designer radiator?

Any chance we have to stock unique designs, especially when looking at something as simple as a column radiator, is something worth looking into. One glance at a Reina Alco radiator and you’ll quickly see what makes it such a desirable product.

From the detailing on the top to the basic opening, a unique look to the high-quality matte finish you get all around the radiator, the Alco provides a crisp and clean finish hard to come by with other similarly sized models. Add to that the fact these radiators can get up to 6277BTU, and you’re looking at a premium radiator that will last for years.

What size Reina Alco designer radiator should I get?

The Alco range meets many common radiator sizes, which is ideal for anyone looking to replace an outdated column radiator with something which has a modern touch. You’ll need to take into account the heating requirements for the space, as well as the pipe centres and wall projection you can work with.

These radiators have a projection of 116mm on all sizes. If you’re pressed for space in a room, we recommend looking at some of the single panel radiators we have in stock.

What size are the vertical Alco radiators?

The vertical models all are 1800mm tall and vary from 280mm to 520mm wide. If you are planning on replacing a horizontal radiator with a vertical model, but aren’t sure what you need to know, our blog section has a fantastic article on the benefits of choosing a vertical radiator.

What valve entry do Reina Alco Designer Radiators have?

Reina Alco radiators will have side entry for a traditional connection. If you’re opting for the anthracite finish and don’t already have similarly suitable radiators, make sure you get a matching pair of anthracite grey radiator valves in a style you prefer.

How long do Reina Alco radiators last for?

As with any designer radiator, you want to get a product which comes with a long guarantee and will work without a hitch for years to come. This range comes with a 10-year guarantee for every Alco radiator unless stated otherwise.

Why are Alco radiators made from aluminium?

Aluminium is primarily used when crafting designer radiators. It helps to create more definitive shapes and is known as a fast conductor of heat. With it being harder to work with, there is a higher degree of workmanship and design involved to get this range looking as good as it does.

We have a broad range of aluminium radiators here if you’d like to see examples of similar products.

Can I use a vertical Reina Alco radiator as a towel rail?

These radiators have a column design which means they cannot be used as towel rails by default. If you like the design of this range, you can shop our towel bars to see if there are adjustable bars in stock to use.

The vertical Alco radiators have slats between the sections which may make them adaptable to have robe hooks installed. However, we would suggest looking at adjustable towel bars which can be attached from the sides of the radiator. You’ll see within the range there are some bars designed by Reina which suit their vertical radiators very well.

And if you’re interested in having a designer towel rail, check out the latest Reina towel rails we have in stock. Something like the Reina Fermo would be seen as a complimentary design.

If you're looking for an alternative option, maybe a new style or finish, then why not view the full range of radiators we have available?

Do I need anything special to install an Alco radiator?

Reina Alco radiators have the necessary fittings included in the delivery for a standard installation, but please remember that this does not include valves or pipe sleeves.

Quick delivery on all Reina products

No one likes to wait around on deliveries, especially if it is for something as important as a radiator. When you make an order before 2 pm, our team will try their hardest to get your Reina radiator delivered and at your door to sign for by the next working day. You can read more about our delivery guarantee here.

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