Reina Belva Designer Radiators

One of the most popular brands in stock at Trade Radiators, Reina radiators are made to dazzle and provide unparalleled heat output in any room for their size. The Reina Belva mini range is ideal for anyone who wants a modern looking single or double panel radiator with a faux column finish on the front.

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Why buy a Reina Belva designer radiator?

When it comes to finding the right designer radiator, there are usually two obstacles at play for the user: heat output and size. Luckily, you’ll never find an issue with this when looking at Reina Belva radiators.

With all the horizontal models being 600mm high, you’re getting to maximise width while knowing you can’t go over on height. The horizontal models go from 412mm to a whopping 1452mm long, with such a range of lengths making it ideal if you want the same style of a radiator in different rooms.

What size Reina Belva Designer Radiators Should I get?

You’ll need to know what heat output a radiator needs for your room. At Trade Radiators we always display the BTU of every radiator in stock, so you know if the product is suitable for your space.

Unsure what the BTU of your room is? Use this heating calculator to find out.

What valve entry do Reina Belva Designer Radiators have?

Reina Belva radiators have a side entry as standard. Customers tend to opt for radiator valves with a similarly styled finish, i.e. white radiator valves and anthracite radiator valves.

Does it matter if I get a single or double panel Reina Belva radiator?

The number of panels needed will usually depend on the heat output required. Some customers will opt for a single panel model when they want to keep wall projection to a minimum. Single panel Belva radiators will have a projection of 68mm, while double panels have an 86mm projection.

If you’re looking for a radiator which can pack a punch, take a look at the full range of double panel radiators currently in stock.

I see some of the radiators are made from aluminium. Is that important?

Aluminium is a fantastic material to make a radiator from. They are much better than steel (which most radiators are made from) in terms of heat output and heat retention when the radiator has been turned off.

If you’re interested in seeing similar products made the same way, take a look at our full range of aluminium radiators.

Can I use the vertical Reina Belva radiators as a towel rail?

You may have noticed a rail in some of the promotional images for the vertical models. In these instances, a towel bar has been added as an accessory. If this is something you’d like to have, take a look at the different sizes and styles of towel bars we have in stock.

Do I need anything for installation?

The product comes with clips, plug, air vent and fixing screws in the box to help with a standard installation.

What other radiators does Reina make?

Reina is a very popular brand with Trade Radiators customers, especially considering the value from what would be considered designer radiators. If you like the look of these radiators and would want something similar, other Reina mini-ranges to look at include:

If you're needing a different style, brand or colour, why not look through our full range of radiators?

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