Reina Flox Designer Radiators

Stunning attention to detail and a truly contemporary finish are just two of the reasons why we believe the Reina Flox designer radiators are some of the best designer radiators currently available at Trade Radiators.

Can't find what you're looking for? Expore our extensive selection of radiators and get inspired by the many choices of colours, styles and sizes we have available.

When you’re looking for the best value from designer brand radiators that offer unique designs and unparalleled heat output, shop at Trade Radiators.

What are Reina Flox radiators?

Polished finishes can be hard to pull off on some radiators. No matter how precise the finish, it can still come across as dull. This isn’t the case here when you opt for any of the polished Reina Flox radiators currently in stock. Their mirrored style finish was made for spaces where the radiator takes pride of place.

That’s not to say the satin finish isn’t to be balked at, especially with regards to some of the satin double panel Flox radiators available.

If you’re not sure which finish would suit your rooms best, take a look at some of the most popular radiator finishes we have available to get an idea of what radiators work best in different spaces.

What size Reina Flox Designer Radiators Should I get?

Before picking a radiator, we recommend using our heating calculator to calculate the BTU needed for your room. If you already know your BTU requirements, you can use the filter menu on the left of the page or look at any of the product notes to get the exact BTU.

What are Reina Flox radiators made from?

Reina Flox radiators are made from stainless steel, making it a fantastic option if you’re looking for a designer radiator with lasting heat retention. Stainless steel radiators also tend to have a longer lifespan, with most Flox radiators coming with a 25 year guarantee on the product.

What other Reina products are in stock?

Reina is quickly becoming a popular brand for Trade Radiator customers. If you like the of these radiators, some others to check out would include:  

And you can see all of our Reina stock here and see our full range of radiators here.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Standard fittings are included with your order to help with installation. If you were looking to have hooks or rails added on, we recommend visiting our radiator accessories page.

Next Day Delivery with Trade Radiators

Trade Radiators is on a mission to help homes up and down the country get radiators delivered and installed as quickly possible. Using the filter option on the left menu, you can see which Reina Flox radiators are available for next working day delivery if your order is made before 2 pm. For more information, read about our delivery service here.

Here to Help

Need to know more about Reina Flox radiators or have a certain design you can’t quite find? Call the Trade Radiators customer service team on 0141 225 0430 (you’ll be able to see today’s phoneline hours at the top of the page) and we’ll assist you with any radiator questions you have.

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