Reina Osimo Designer Radiators

One of the best examples you’ll find when it comes to highly polished designer towel rails, the Reina Osimo is proving to be an incredibly popular option within the whole Reina towel rail range currently available at Trade Radiators.

Shop the range and see if Reina Osimo is the right rail for your home.

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Why buy a Reina Osimo designer radiator?

If you pardon the expression, the Reina Osimo is a shining example of what a polished designer towel rail can look like when done right. This small but mighty range of radiators is suited to customers who want a reflective rail which takes light well and will easily brighten up any wall it is hung on.

What size Reina Osimo Designer Towel Rails come in?

The Osimo comes in a 1800mm height as standard, with the following sizes available:

  • 1800mm by 290mm
  • 1800mm by 430mm
  • 1800mm by 570mm

If you are working with specific height and width limitations, we recommend looking at some of the most popular towel rails by size currently on offer.

What valves do Reina Osimo Designer Radiators use?

Reina Osimo radiators have a side entry as standard, making them ideal for rooms which have pipes coming from the floor or wall and needing a 90° connection. Due to the finish the rail comes in, it would be advisable to have similarly styled chrome radiator valves

If you need help choosing a radiator valve, read the Trade Radiators Guide to Radiators Valves.

Can Reina Osimo rails heat up large bathrooms?

Even though they have a flat front panel, and would be seen as slimmer than a traditional convector radiator, these rails still have quite a good degree of heat output. Depending on the size you’re going for, they can reach BTU levels between 1690 and 2364.

If you aren’t quite sure what the BTU requirements for your space, you can use our heating calculator here. to use our handy heating calculator.

What colour are Reina Osimo radiators?

Reina Osimo radiators are highly reflective chrome towel rails. Even though they have a high polish and are reflective, users wouldn’t find themselves needing to use any special polishes or cleaning products to keep the rail in good condition. However, it is important to keep the surface clean.

With enough care, these rails can easily last beyond the 10-year guarantee on the product.

What other towel rails does Reina make?

Trade Radiators stocks more Reina towel rails than most UK retailers. Some of the most popular mini-ranges from the brand include:

  • Reina Alento
  • Reina Capelli
  • Reina Cavo
  • Reina Deno
  • Reina Grace
  • Rena Rezzo

If you’d like to see more of our stock, click here to see our Reina range or view the full range of radiators we can offer.

Get your new Reina Osimo rail delivered quickly

No one should have to wait around for a new radiator to be delivered. That’s why Trade Radiators has next working day delivery available for the rails on this page when you make an order before 2 pm.

And don’t forget that delivery with Trade Radiators is always free!

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