Reina Todi Designer Radiators

There are unique designer radiators, and then there are radiators like the Reina Todi. One of the most striking designer options we have in stock right now, if you were looking for a towel rail which matches unique design with unparalleled performance, the Todi might be the rail for you.

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Why buy a Reina Todi designer radiator?

Even though towel rails tend to offer more of a minimal design, they can sometimes feel cramped or not help provide the illusion of space on the wall. The Reina Todi is a shining example of how to bring designer elements to something as functional as a towel rail.

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What size Reina Todi Designer Towel Rails come in?

The following sizes are available:

  • 800mm by 108 mm
  • 800mm by 260mm
  • 1200mm by 108mm
  • 1200mm by 260mm

The narrow width makes them quite popular in bathrooms and en-suites where you’re very limited on horizontal space.

What valves do Reina Todi Designer Radiators use?

Reina Todi radiators have a straight entry at the bottom when used vertically. If you wanted to rotate the radiator, they would require an angled valve to connect to existing pipework.

If you are unsure what valve you need for your towel rails, read the Trade Radiators Guide to Radiators Valves.

Will these rails heat up big bathrooms?

Due to their smaller size, the Reina Todi is best suited for smaller bathrooms or spaces which don’t require a significant BTU. Some customers would use these rails as a complimentary radiator to help bring a room’s BTU level up to par.

If you don’t know the BTU requirements for your room, use our heating calculator here.

What colour are Reina Todi radiators?

These radiators come in a high-quality chrome finish. If you like the look of this colour and would like to see similar products, take a look at our full range of chrome towel rails.

What other towel rails does Reina make?

Reina is regarded as one of the top towel rail manufacturers in Europe. Other rails of their we currently have in stock include:

  • Reina Adora
  • Reina Bolca
  • Reina Cavo
  • Reina Fano
  • Reina Fermo
  • Rena Veroli

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Need help finding a new towel rail?

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