Reina Wave Designer Radiators

Reina Wave designer radiators add a subtle curve to the contemporary flat panel design for an elegant aesthetic in a modern space.

The state-of-the-art aluminium radiators have a cutting-edge appearance and operate with great efficiency. Available in white or anthracite colour with a textured finish, Trade Radiators stocks the full range to complement any surroundings. Enhance the overall ambience of your contemporary interior with these high-end designer radiators.

You may wish to look beyond the flat panel design if you are exploring different looks. Trade Radiators supplies radiators and heaters in column formats and more, with various materials, colours and finishes available. You will have no problem finding something in our catalogue that meets your needs.

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The Range of Reina Wave Designer Radiators

Trade Radiators is attuned to the priorities of modern buyers looking for home heating solutions. Solutions for warmth come in many forms, but we focus on style, efficient heating and low prices.

Trade stocks the full range of Reina Wave designer radiators. The style is the picture of modern taste, with gentle curves on the flat aluminium panels of the frame. The material is lightweight and heat-efficient, and the heating configuration is state-of-the-art.

We offer the handy BTU calculator to provide more assistance in identifying the most efficient heating solutions. It requires you to enter your space's dimensions, and then it will calculate the heating power you need from a radiator to warm it efficiently.

The Reina Wave has a manufacturer guarantee of 5 years for peace of mind. You also get free delivery anywhere on the UK mainland. We deliver fast and always aim to keep costs to a minimum.

Enjoy top-notch service at an affordable price when you shop with Trade Radiators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reina Wave Designer Radiators

Why Do I Need a Reina Wave Designer Radiator?

The Reina Wave is the picture of modern heating: an aluminium frame, flat panel design with enigmatic style choices and a lustrous white or anthracite colouring. All this amounts to a contemporary heater of the highest quality, offering efficient heating and available at an affordable price point.


Are There Any Other Heaters Like Reina Wave Designer Radiators?

Yes, the flat panel design is very on-trend, and many manufacturers offer variety. The specific look of the Reina Wave is unique, but there are other designer radiators in our range that possess a similar mystique.


Do You Sell Electric Reina Wave Designer Radiators?

No, the Reina Wave heaters in this range are currently only available with a standard heat source. Our range of electric radiators is extensive, however, so feel free to take a browse.

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