Supplies4Heat Radiators

One of the best brands we stock here at Trade Radiators, Supplies4Heat offer excellent heating solutions for anyone looking for a radiator that can do the job of heating tricky space and look good in the process. Made in Italy, they’re known for providing a high-quality finish and simple design features in areas that need a no-fuss radiator that looks great. 

Whether you’re thinking of getting one of their sleek flat panel radiators as a feature piece, or like the look of their high-performance aluminium radiators, take a look at the range and see if a Supplies4Heat radiator would be right for your room. And with a guarantee of at least ten years on most radiators, we’re confident you’ll be buying a radiator that works wonders for a long time.

If you're looking for something different, why not take a look through our large variety of radiators? You can also view our brands here.

Supplies4Heat flat panel radiators

Starting at £50, these flat panel radiators are some of the most popular we have on-site. You can go for anything from a small 400mm small panel, single convector radiator all the way to a 1800mm double panel with base valves.

The range should have the ideal flat panel radiator for any room.

What rooms do Supplies4Heat flat panel radiators look good in?

Flat panel radiators with a white finish like these would be popular in kitchens, hallways and office spaces. The vertical models work best in communal areas (think office hallways and open kitchens) while the horizontal flat panels give a fresh look to small bedroom that needs a modern look.

We would advise you take into consideration measurements such as the projection from wall and pipe centres from the wall, especially if you’re installing on walls with skirting boards.

Supplies4Heat aluminium radiators

Offering great value for money, our Supplies4Heat aluminium radiators are cheap and affordable while also being one of the most efficient products on the market.

Aluminium conducts heat far more efficiently than steel or cast iron, and Supplies4Heat aluminium radiators rapidly reach their optimal heating temperature quickly, with almost instant heat transfer. The shape of the panels allows the air to circulate around the radiator, in turn, spreading the heat around the room quickly and effectively.

Supplie4Heat aluminium radiators start at £87.50 (inc. VAT). 

What rooms do Supplies4Heat aluminium radiators look good in?

For anyone with a large space, be that an open-plan office, café or restaurant space, having a radiator that can get going at a moment’s notice is a must. The larger vertical models in the range, like the 1846mm by 500mm white aluminium radiator, have an impressive BTU averaging 6,080. 

If you have a big room that you’d love to take the chill out of, look at some of the larger aluminium radiators Supplies4Heat have on offer. Alternatively, you can view our full range of radiators by clicking here.

Free delivery on all Supplies4Heat radiators

All of the Supplies4Heat radiators we have at Trade Radiators come with free Mainland UK delivery as standard. We aim to complete delivery between 2-4 working days after you complete your order. Make sure to order before 2 pm to get faster delivery as well.

Have any questions about Supplies4Heat radiators?

If you want to know more about these radiators or have any questions about radiators for the room you’ll be installing them in, please get in touch directly with the team at Trade Radiators. Just click the chat icon in the corner of the page.