Shop for Radiators By Finish

At Trade Radiators we believe that life should be as colourful as possible. And while many people overlook it, there’s nothing as brilliant for a room as having a radiator with a special finish. We stock a range of radiators that come with finishes in many colours to help you find the right look for your space.

In some cases, you’ll even be able to get a custom colour for a radiator if you want it to look extra special.

If you're after something else, you can view the full range of radiators instead.

Different Radiator Colours

By default, the most common radiator colours (and shades) you’ll be able to buy at Trade Radiators are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Silver
  • Raw Metal

You can take a look at each colour below to get an idea of what radiator styles suit each colour best.

What Colour Radiator is Best?

It all depends on where the radiator is going and how it relates to the function of a room. While a custom pink radiator might stand out fantastically when installed in a café or salon, it might not have the same allure if it was in your living room.

We always suggest looking at how you’ve currently decorated a space before deciding on a new radiator colour. A raw metal finish might look superb in a modern office, while a functional space could benefit from a simple white or satin finish.

And don’t forget that we can give certain radiators a custom paint job with a professional finish.

Getting a Custom Radiator Colour

When you have a very specific idea of the radiator colour you want for a room, we might be able to help out. We offer custom radiator finishes on a select range of products.

In most cases, you’ll find column radiators are easiest to get painted. Every radiator you see with a colour wheel icon beside it will be eligible for a custom paint finish. Let us know your ideal colour, and we’ll get it ready in no time at all.

Because all custom finishes are made to order, it can take as much as 7 to 10 working days for delivery.

If you're interested in other radiators, you can view more options here.

Why Choose Different Radiator Colours

Using different colours is a great way to liven up living space and create an aesthetic that will turn heads. Oftentimes the radiator can get forgotten about in room design and left as an afterthought.

We think this is a shame. You can get all kinds of colours to make your radiator a statement piece or a point of interest that contributes to the room’s overall aesthetic rather than simply buying a radiator for its functional use.

Get something unique like pastel pink or a deep blue, and get creative. If you can’t find a colour you like, for whatever reason, then you can always reach out to us and talk to us about it.