Bronze Radiators

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of bronze radiators in homes and offices across the UK was a bit unique. But as trends have evolved, and as shades surrounding bronze have become popular in everything from phone cases to light switches, the demand for bronze radiators has never been higher.

We have had many customers get in touch looking for bronze coloured radiators and are excited to offer this unique range of radiators and rails, perfect for any modern home.

If bronze radiators aren't the right fit for your room, then feel free to browse our wide variety of radiators.

Just looking for a different colour? You can view our other finishes here.


Take a look at the different designs on offer and see if a bronze radiator could soon be taking pride of place on your wall. Don’t forget; all radiators purchased at Trade Radiators come with free delivery and a price guarantee.

What types of bronze radiators are available?

Currently, the majority of bronze radiators on offer are vertical rails, as many customers like this style in their bathrooms and kitchens. All bronze radiators are made in a contemporary style, and have what is known as a satin finish on the rail. This style is also referred to as brushed and gives the radiators a gentle muted finish, as opposed to a high sheen. If you were looking for darker tones from a radiator, we would suggest taking a look at our range of copper radiators.

In terms of the shape of the radiators, these are straight rail radiators, unless stated otherwise in the product description.

Which bronze radiator is the most powerful?

The Reina Fermo Aluminium Rail, Satin Bronze, 1550x480mm is the most powerful bronze radiator we have in stock with a BTU output averaging 3071. If you’re unsure of the BTU requirements for your room, we recommend using our heating calculator.

What are aluminium bronze radiators?

If you’ve noticed some of the product listed as aluminium bronze rails, you may be wondering what exactly that means. In these instances, the radiator you’re looking at is made from aluminium rather than the more commonplace stainless steel.

Aluminium is a great material to make any radiator from, especially smaller rails, as it has a faster reaction which causes the radiator to get to temperature quicker. It also provides a good degree of longevity, with many radiators having a 10-year guarantee on the product.

Do bronze radiators need special cleaning?

No. The satin finish means there isn’t an intense lustre, and the radiator can be cleaned as normal by wiping down or giving a gentle wash when needed.

How are these radiators plumbed in?

These radiators are made for traditional heating systems and have a base entry ideally suited to straight and corner valves. If you need a matching valve, we recommend visiting our radiator accessories section.

Which brands are known for bronze radiators?

Many radiators on this page are made by Reina. Reina is a leading UK manufacturer which we have been stocking for a long time now. We view them as a trusted brand which makes long-lasting products.

If bronze radiators aren't what you're looking for, then take a look at our full range of radiators.

Does my bronze radiator come with everything I need for installation?

Yes. Your order will come with all the necessary fittings for a standard installation.

How quickly can I get a bronze radiator?

Bronze radiators typically take between 2-3 days for delivery, and you’ll be able to see the average delivery time for your preferred radiator within the product’s description. In most cases, we aim to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. You can find out more about how we deliver orders across the UK here.

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