Metallic Radiators

Here at Trade Radiators, we strive to push the envelope with radiator designs and finish. One of the biggest requests amongst customers has been modern styled radiators with a contemporary metal finish. After an extensive research period, we are excited to offer a complete range of metallic radiators with something to suit all spaces.

Taking some of our top-selling radiators and rails from leading brands and applying a one-of-a-kind metallic finish, you’re getting metallic radiators that are unbeatable in terms of quality and price. Whether you’ve been shopping around for a black textured metallic column radiator or want a matt metallic finish on your living room radiator, we have it here at Trade Radiators.

Shop our range of metallic radiators and see which radiator will look the part in your home.


Can't find the right radiator yet? We have lots to choose from, why not take a look through our wide variety of radiators? You can also view our other finishes here if you're looking for a different colour.

What types of metallic radiators are available?

We currently offer two styles of metallic radiator, both of which are from the Apollo range. The first is the metallic version of the Apollo Roma. It is a classically styled radiator made from steel and formed with fusion welding. This delicate process requires skill and patience. The metal finish of the Roma is available in the following colours:

  • Matt Black
  • Matt Brown
  • Matt Grey

Due to the time needed for welding and the process of powder coating to give the radiator such a unique finish, these made-to-order radiators can take up to three weeks to get made and delivered.

Our second style is the Apollo Magenta, available as both a flat or curved radiator. Made from aluminium, these metallic radiators are much lighter than counterparts from other brands. They offer faster heating times and an ultra-modern design. The metal finish of the Magenta is available in the following metallic shades:

  • Aluminium
  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • White

Unlike the Roma, these don’t need any custom work when ordered and typically ship within two working days.

Can metallic radiators heat bigger spaces?

If you have a large or open-plan space, and heat output is a concern, we recommend choosing a larger radiator to match your room’s BTU. The 600mm by 1824 Roma column radiators (4-column) are some of the biggest horizontal metal radiators available, reaching outputs around 10,246 BTU when turned up fully.

Anyone looking for a powerful vertical metallic radiator will want to check out the silver or anthracite 1800mm by 632mm Apollo Magenta, which reaches BTUs around 7042 when needed.

A resilient metallic finish

Whether opting for a pre-painted or custom finish radiator, the metallic finish on these radiators will look the part for years to come. Thankfully, they don’t require any special cleaners to retain their finish.

Which metallic radiator should I get for bedrooms?

We recommend the Apollo Magenta, especially if you want a metallic radiator for children’s bedrooms. The smoother edges make it safer to have in any rooms children will be in.

Matching columns with wall projection

It is important to note that products are listed with the number of columns they have. This refers to the columns running through each section, not the number of sections along the radiator.  Some of the thinner Roma metallic radiators are narrow enough to easily fit on narrow wall spaces if you are quite limited for space. You’ll find wall projection listed on each product page.

Can I have low-level metal radiators?

We have had an increase in customer requests for custom metallic paint jobs on low-level radiators, especially for living rooms and home offices. Because of this, we are now delighted to offer the 300mm tall Roma radiators in metallic finishes.

If you're interested in other types of radiator looks or finishes, then take a look at our full selection of radiators which has lots of different options for colours, sizes & looks.

Does my metallic radiator come with everything I need for installation?

Yes. Every single radiator shipped directly to your front door comes with all the necessary fittings and brackets for a standard installation, making it easier to install. If you have a specific goal in mind for how you want a radiator to look on a wall, please visit our radiator accessories section to see if you need the like of matching pipe sleeves, valves, or feet supports.

How quickly will my metallic radiator be delivered?

Made to order metallic radiators (Roma range) can take up to three weeks to be delivered. This is due to the painting process and workmanship involved in fusion welding.  Other metallic radiators can be shipped quickly, averaging 2-4 working days. If you need a radiator in a hurry, see what options we have available from the Need It Fast option on the left side of the page.

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