500mm x 800mm Radiators

The 500mm x 800mm radiators are a great choice for both businesses and homes. They are an ideal size for all kinds of rooms from house hallways to modern office lounges. Complement that contemporary feel with a radiator to match! Or maybe delve into the past with our antique finish options on selected radiator models.

We stock an array of different 500mm x 800mm radiators in a variety of materials and types here at Trade Radiators. We want to give you ample choice.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

Need a new style or different finish? Browse through our wide variety of radiators to find the right one for your room.

Where Would I Need a 500mm x 800mm Radiator?

This size of radiator is a fairly well-rounded size of radiator, which means it can be used in a host of different places. 

This size works well for homes, cafés, offices, and a variety of residential and commercial structures.

What 500mm x 800mm Radiators Do Trade Radiators Stock?

At Trade Radiators we stock 500x800 radiators from all the popular retailers. Here is just a taste of what we offer:

You can also view a full selection of radiators here.

How Powerful Is A 500mm x 800mm Radiator?

BTU ratings differ between models, materials, and types of radiator unit. The technology the radiator uses will also impact the BTU rating. That being said, these radiators are commonly rated around the 2000 – 3800 range.

The wattage is also a factor to consider when assessing radiator power. Radiators of this size tend to have a wattage range between 600 – 1200W.

How Can I Get A Cheap 500mm x 800mm Radiator?

At Trade Radiators we love to give our customers the best deal possible on the radiators we have. So, we often have high-quality radiators in our sales section that you can snap up for reduced rates.

Or maybe you found a radiator that we stock cheaper somewhere else? Well, our price match guarantee will ensure that we keep our prices fair. No more overpaying for the products we offer!

What about The Finish On My Radiator?

This is important as you will need to choose a radiator that suits your room’s aesthetic. Here are just some of the finishes we offer at Trade Radiators:

  • White
  • Grey (stone grey, metallic grey)
  • Black
  • Antique finishes; such as pewter, gold, or copper

And many more!

Our Delivery Service

When thinking about getting a radiator please allow a 3-day window to fulfil an order for the radiator you decide to invest in. After the order has been fulfilled we can get it shipped out for next day delivery.

As an extension of the excellent customer service we provide, we also offer a 3-day product problems grace window. Something not working too well? We’ll sort it out!

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