600mm x 1300mm Radiators

With a 600mm x 1300mm radiator you won’t need to reach for another jumper to stay warm. Simply shop the range of radiators we have here at Trade Radiators. With our years of experience behind us, you are in safe hands when getting the right radiator for any space.

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Where Would I Need a 600mm x 1300mm Radiator?

A long radiator such as this lends itself perfectly to filling large spaces with warmth. Areas that can be particularly cold such as garages or basements would benefit from a single long radiator.

You may also want to consider this size for spaces that can be tricky to keep warm; kitchens are often the most popular room in the house with people coming and going throughout the day and leaving doors open. Where a small radiator may struggle to deal with this, a 600mm x 1200mm radiator will be powerful enough to keep things pleasant and even allow ambient heat into connecting rooms.

Bay windows often pose a problem for radiators resulting in them being one of the coldest spots in living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. Ultraheat’s curved radiator solves this problem, soon turning them into one of the cosiest spots in your home.

What 600mm x 1300mm Radiators Does Trade Radiators Offer?

We only work with brands that we believe in. If 600mm x 1300mm is the right size for you have your pick of the following makes and models:

  • Quinn Compact Radiator (single or double panel and convector)
  • Quinn Round Top Radiator (single or double panel and convector)
  • Quinn Seam Top Radiator (single or double panel and convector)
  • Ultraheat Curved Bay Window Radiator

What is the BTU of a 600mm x 1300mm Radiator?

With this size of radiator, you can expect a powerful punch. The Quinn radiators range from 4574 BTU To 8492 BTU. If you have a large, or particularly cold or uninsulated space to heat, opt for the double panel and double convector option to spread the most heat throughout the room. If the curved radiator from Ultraheat has piqued your interest, you can expect 4269 BTU from it.

As BTU output from different models of radiator can vary so widely, it is important first to know what you should be looking for. If you are unsure of the BTU requirements of your room, use our handy heat calculator to work out what you will need quickly.

How Can I Get a Cheap 600mm x 1300mm Radiator?

With our Price Match Guarantee, we promise you the very best deal on the radiators we stock. We are so confident about our prices that if you can find the same product on another UK retailer’s website for a lower total price (total price = price of the product + any postage, packaging or shipping costs), we will match it. Read more about our price guarantee here.

Not only will you be able to find the very best in low prices here at Trade Radiators, but when you do find that perfect radiator delivery is always free!

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I Want to Order, What do I do Now?

If you have found what you are looking for you can use our easy online checkout to complete your order and have your brand new radiator whisking its way to you in just a few clicks.

If you have any questions before you make an order or want to get some advice on the best option for you, our friendly customer service team is standing by to help.

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