600mm x 2000mm Radiators

The 600mm x 2000mm radiators offer incredible power; perfect for large businesses in a compact and space-efficient frame.

From offices to classrooms, large workspaces can benefit from the reliable power provided by these commercial radiator options.

They are sleek, simple, and look great wherever you put them - they can even be suited to domestic settings, offering cosy heat or high-ceilinged hallways.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

If you need a new style, why not take a look at our huge variety of radiators?

Where Would I Need a 600mm x 2000mm Radiator?

These powerful radiators are suited to workspaces that need powerful heating through the bitter cold winter months.

With that being said, don’t ignore them as an option for your home, they can keep rooms warm for hours on end.

What 600mm x 2000mm Radiators do Trade Radiators Stock?

At trade radiators, we only offer the top brands, our 600mm x 2000mm radiator range features some great high-performance models such as:

They are much more capable of heating your rooms than the typical radiator while providing a sleek, understated look.

How Powerful Is A 600mm x 2000mm Radiator?

The 600 mm x 2000 mm offers some notably powerful radiators, with BTUs reaching over 11,000 with wattages reaching over 3000w

With such extensive power, they are great options for commercial usage in large, spacey rooms. But again, they can also be suited to homes, especially modern and spaced out open plan builds.

How Can I Get A Cheap 600mm x 2000mm Radiator?

On top of our price match guarantee that makes sure that you won’t be getting better deals anywhere else. We can offer regular sales and special offers that will chop those prices down.

We also have a clearance section that gets regularly updated, you may even find a 600 mm x 2000 mm radiator at a fraction of its original price!

Can I Pick A Custom Finish For One Of The 600mm x 2000mm Radiators?

While you cannot receive a custom finish, you can pick one of the finishes that the models are available in. 

Contact us and we will see if we can find that perfect finish that complements the room you’re planning to upgrade with a 600mm x 2000mm radiator.

If you'd rather look at different styles, remember to check out our full range of radiators.

The Trade Radiators Free And Fast Delivery Service

After a 3-day filling period, we aim to ship your radiator for delivery on the next working day.

Once received, make sure that everything is in working order, if not, we offer a 3-day product problem policy.

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