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Designer Electric Radiators

Looking for a stylish designer radiator that is also environmentally friendly, works efficiently and easily installed? If so, then investing in one of our state-of-the-art electric designer radiators is for you. Recent advances in both the design and technology used for electrically powered radiators have created an attractive, energy efficient heating device. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the popularity of designer electric radiators as people are increasingly attracted to their style, efficiency and eco-friendly qualities.

Low Maintenance

One of the major benefits of electric radiators is the lack of maintenance they require. Unlike their gas counterparts, which need an extensive pipe network, all electric radiators require are power points. This is ideal if you are renovating or building your own property as organising a central heating pipes network can be extremely time consuming and costly.

On average an electric radiator will last 50 percent longer than a gas one. This is because the pipes, used to pump hot water from the boiler to the radiator in gas heating systems, are exposed to increased levels of oxidisation, the chemical reaction which occurs when water and metal interact. The result of which causes corrosion and can lead to blockages or, worst case scenario, breakages in the pipes. With an electric radiator, there is no need to worry about corrosion as there is no water used in the transfer of heat and therefore, no pipes required.

Another advantage of not needing a pipe network is the little or no maintenance electric radiators require in comparison to gas ones. If gas appliances, including boilers, are not professionally checked on a regular basis, the results can be catastrophic. In fact, it is a legal requirement of landlords and business owners to have their gas checked annually. With an electric radiator, you dont need to worry about annual boiler servicing or any of the safety problems associated with faulty products. All you need is electrical sockets, which are available in every household, unlike gas which not everyone has access to.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are conscious of your carbon footprint and are looking for a heating system that releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, then an electric radiator is the way forward for you. Electricity is the energy of the future and more and more energy companies are looking at ways to invest in new forms of electricity production, like wind farms and solar panels, as countries look to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

With electric radiators, no fuel is burned in the heating process which not only reduces the risk of explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning but also means that far less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere from an electric radiator than with gas ones.

There is also no energy wasted with electric radiators as 100 percent of the energy used to power an electric radiator is converted into heat. This efficiency is not present with boiler heating systems as energy can escape from the flue. This ensures absolutely no energy is wasted, saving you money and the environment while maintaining a strong heat output.

Easy installation

Because electric radiators dont require a pipe network to be laid, their installation process is extremely straightforward and relatively cheap. As long as there is a power point in the room you are fitting the radiator, the installation process is quick and stress-free. Its so easy you can do it yourself. As well as being easy to install, electric radiators are easy to control. With the flick of a switch you can turn your radiator on and off without relying on a central system. This means that all your radiators in your home work independently of each other which again saves you energy, money and time.

Designer Electric Radiators

Gone are the days when an electric radiator was just a source of heat, with little consideration paid to its appearance. Now advances in the design of electric radiators are as important as technological improvements. Radiators can be used as a focal point in a room or as means to enhance a particular colour scheme or theme.

That is why at Trade Radiators we have created a range of designer electric radiators to allow our customers to enjoy all the benefits of an electric radiator highlighted above while at the same time investing in a stylish accessory for your home. All our designer electric radiators are remote controlled and include modes such as comfort, night reduction and antifreeze for your comfort. They even come with a built-in clock.

Vela Electric Radiator

Starting with the Vela Electric Radiator, the appearance of this radiator is strikingly modern. The panels are smooth and compact and neatly slotted together to create a solid structure. Available in white and anthracite, this radiator will effortlessly enhance a modern living space while accentuating your colour scheme.

Simplistically chic, the Vela electric radiator is available in both vertical and horizontal styles and a total of 6 sizes to enable you to use your space in the most efficient way possible as well as ensuring you heat your home in the most efficient way.

Capsule Glass Electric Radiators

The futuristic Capsule Glass electric Radiator is one of our most chic designer radiators. The capsule shape is highly unique and eye-catching, creating an immediate focal point in any room. Available in black, white and the new mirrored style, the Capsule Glass electric radiator is both contemporary and stylish. Sitting just 5cm from the wall, the Capsule Glass radiator is one of our slimmest radiators, which will slot nicely into your home while taking up very little space.

Frame Glass Electric Radiators

Introducing the next generation of designer electric radiators, the Frame Glass electric radiator is completely ahead of the field when it comes to designer radiator. Simplistic and chic, the Frame Glass electric radiators immediately catch your attention. Looking more like a piece of modern art than a radiator, the gleaming finish accentuates the modern style of the radiator. Available in white, mirror and black, all complement virtually any colour scheme, allowing these radiators to slot nicely into any home.

All our designer radiators not only look amazing, they are incredibly efficient generating a powerful heat output. Structurally sound, our designer electric radiators really are the full package. Also, all our designer electric radiators have heated towel rails in the same style as the full-sized radiators starting at an incredible 100!

Before you buy one of our designer radiators, make sure you check out our easy to use heating calculator to ensure you buy the most efficient radiator for your home.


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