Brass Electric Radiators From Trade Radiators

Brass electric radiators combine tried-and-tested, reliable design with cutting-edge technology for heating contemporary spaces.

These radiators possess the elegant looks of traditional brass and the rugged durability of steel frames. The electric configuration makes them very simple to install and they perform very efficiently with stylish aesthetics to match the surroundings. Whether you choose the traditional column design for a classical look or something a little more contemporary, you will enhance the ambience of the room whilst taking advantage of modern electric heating.

If you are exploring different heating options, Trade Radiators offers a diverse range of fuel options including standard, dual-fuel and state-of-the-art infrared units. With a wide selection of styles and materials at your fingertips, Trade Radiators offers something for everyone.

Explore the range today.

Our Range of Brass Electric Radiators

Amongst the offerings at Trade Radiators, you will find brass electric radiators that deliver for various styles and perform efficiently for a cost-effective price. Trade Radiators truly understands the heating needs of the modern buyer.

The options at your disposal add various brass finishes to units in a range of styles. Steel is the material of choice, but the aesthetic of the column heater can be deployed in a traditional interior or a more modern, industrial look. Your only limit is your own creativity.

Find the radiator that truly meets your heating needs with the aid of the Trade radiators free BTU calculator. This resource enables you to pinpoint the precise heating power your new radiator will need to warm the space it will sit in.

You will also get long-term peace of mind from the generous guarantees attached to every product. Fast, free delivery is available for addresses on the UK mainland to help keep your costs down.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brass Electric Radiators

Why Do I Need a Brass Electric Radiator?

Brass electric radiators don’t require radiator pipes to operate, so they are easy to install. The aesthetic of a brass finish is very desirable for certain interior design schemes so you get the combination of elegant aesthetics, simple installation and efficient performance.

Are There Different Styles Of Brass Electric Radiators?

The options in our range are currently all column radiators, but these are versatile heaters. The iconic look can deliver for classical aesthetics, industrial interiors or other contemporary approaches to interior design. Explore the full range today.

Do Brass Electric Radiators Have Smart Features?

Yes, some brass electric radiators have WiFi connectivity to access remote control and other smart features. Take a look at the product specifications to learn more. 

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