Cast Iron Electric Radiators

A lot of people think that you need a central heating system at home to have cast iron radiators. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

At Trade Radiators, we have a unique range of cast iron electric radiators that can be used in spaces where you can’t have regular, plumbed central heating.

This type of radiator has gained popularity in recent years in buildings that have undergone redevelopment but want to keep a traditional look, in churches and converted offices, for example.

Take a look at the varied range we have and see if there’s a cast iron electric radiator fit for your space today. 

Cast Iron Electric Radiator Brands

Several brands create cast iron electric radiators.

Paladin is the most well-known in the UK. Their radiators are fitted with a 240V single-phase heating element, making them convenient enough to plug into most rooms and heat easily. 

Various ranges from Paladin also come available in 2-column, 3-column, 4-column, and 6-column profiles.

Browse our selection for a radiator that’ll suit your needs and buy online now.

Cast Iron Electric Radiator Styles

We have cast iron radiators to match any room. Some of the styles we have on offer include: 

  • Churchill; known for its boxy finish.
  • Neo-Georgian; has a distinctive 4-column split.
  • Clarendon; has a 1 column end to provide a minimal look.
  • Sloane; great if you want a radiator with lots of small sections.
  • Pimlico; has a slender look.
  • Picadilly; with an ornate design on the columns that make it great for showing off.
  • Victorian; has a simple look that works well in functional spaces.

You can browse through the entire range of over 900 cast iron radiators which is best for the room you want to put it in.

Finish Options For Electric Cast Iron Radiators 

Cast iron radiators are the easiest to finish, and they can come in pretty much any colour you like.

There is some variation from product to product, but we can provide our radiators in:

  • A metallic finish of bronze, gold, copper or anthracite
  • An antiquated finish of copper, pewter or gold
  • A polished finish
  • A colour match with standard or Farrow & Ball paint

We can also put a primer on if you want to paint the radiator when it’s delivered. Whatever your aesthetic requirements, Trade Radiators has you covered.

Acquire your ideal, ornate cast iron electric radiator today.

Cast Iron Electric Radiator Accessories

Trade Direct is our name band offering cheaper accessories for cast iron radiators.

For those working within a tighter budget, the end set caps we provide offer that unique finishing touch that helps bring a complete look to your radiator set-up. We also sell a joining tool if you need to work on a cast iron radiator.

Our Team of Customer Care Specialists

Have questions about our products or services? Need friendly advice on what might be best for you? Our helpful customer care team is happy to help.

Get in touch with us today.


How Hot Can Cast Iron Electric Radiators get? 

We display the BTU for every cast iron radiator available on site. This helps customers know what the heat output is expected to be and whether a certain-sized radiator will keep a room toasty.

If you have no idea what BTUs are or how many your room needs, try our handy heating calculator. It will let you figure out what is needed to heat a room.


What system Can Cast Iron Electric Radiators be used with?

The radiator has its own filling inside and can be used on a standard 13amp plug socket or hooked up to your electric system by a responsible tradesman.


Are Electric Cast Iron Radiators Safe For Any Room?

Yes. These radiators are great for use in any room. However, higher-end radiators can have a high heat output and may not be suitable for very small spaces.

All the radiators we supply are CE-approved and certified to BS EN442.

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