Free Standing Electric Radiators

For some projects – be it residential or commercial – a wall-mounted or plumbed radiator isn’t a practical option. It can be the case that certain layouts, heating systems, or home aesthetics would benefit greatly from a free standing electric radiator.


At Trade Radiators, we supply a huge selection of electric radiators that are free standing. No more compromising. Get the ideal radiator for your project today!

How Powerful Are Free Standing Electric Radiators?

Electric radiators that are free standing instead of wall-mounted or plumbed aren’t much different when it comes to power options. Just like their more traditional counterparts, the shape, design, technology, size, and material will greatly impact how powerful a particular radiator is. 


The power of a radiator is measured using the BTU, and different metals will have an impact on how quickly or slowly a radiator will heat up and cool down. For example, iron radiators tend to take a while to heat up fully and cool down fully. Copper, on the other hand, heats up and cools down very quickly in comparison. 


If you are unsure what radiator will be right for your space, then feel free to use our BTU heating calculator

What Finishes Do Free Standing Electric Radiators Come In?

Our electric radiators that are free standing come in a huge variety of different finishes to account for all kinds of aesthetic needs such as:


· White

· Black

· Anthracite


And many more. Have a look at our selection and see what colour takes your fancy for your project.

Electric Radiators Freestanding - Our Options

We aren’t afraid to shy away from radiator diversity here at Trade Radiators. We have all kinds of radiators models to suit a range of applications, such as:


Paladin Churchill 7 Column Cast Iron Radiator (350x592mm) – a great option for those wanting a shorter model of radiator. These models come with 8 electric heating sections for optimal heat output.


Paladin Clarendon 1 Column Cast Iron Radiator (440x1320mm) – a larger style of radiator that features 18 sections, all fully electric powered.


Paladin Sloane 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator (450x1240mm) – a wonderful option for those wanting a neo-traditional feel coupled with a powerful heating output. Ideal for heating larger rooms.

Our Deals At Trade Radiators

Not only can we provide exceptional radiators, but we have great deals to match! We are all about making sure our customers walk away with their radiator of choice at the best price possible.


Our price match policy is our practical solution to make sure this remains true. Find the same radiator model for less with a competitor? Then we’ll do our best to match their rate. We want to keep our prices as competitive as possible.


And better yet, all radiator orders qualify for free delivery.

Chat With Our Radiator Specialists Today

Not quite sure what you want or what would best suit your needs? Wanting more information on a radiator model or our services? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to our radiator specialists.


We are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to help!


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