Nordic Electric Radiators

A premium brand which is becoming incredibly popular amongst customers, Trade Radiators now has electric models of some of the best-selling Nordic designer radiators. Choose from high-quality curved rails & column radiators finished to a high standard.

If you’ve been looking for premium electric heating solutions, Nordic electric radiators may be just what you need. Take a look and get yours for the best price possible when you shop exclusively at Trade Radiators.

What are Nordic Electric radiators?

Nordic electric radiators are electric-only versions of this popular brand. Electric simply means that the radiators are independent from your main heating system, and only need to be plugged or wired into the wall to get going.

You will tend to find this type of radiator is best suited to spaces where you don’t want pipework carried out, or you need a little more oomph to get a room’s BTU levels where they need to be.

What colour are these radiators?

Most of the range is available in white, the most popular choice amongst Trade Radiators customers. We are in the process of trying to add different colours soon. If you need a specific shade from an electric radiator, please visit our shop by finish section, where you can find some tremendous silver, chrome, brass & anthracite electric radiators.

What size Nordic Designer Electric Radiator should I get?

Most horizontal Nordic electric designer radiators are made to the 600mm height standard with different lengths to match any room. The towel rails come in various sizes to match bathrooms and other spaces that will have differing wall space.

We recommend you get to know the BTU of the room so your new radiator will provide adequate output. With electric radiators using wattage, you need to apply a simple conversion to work this out. We highly recommend reading our Complete Guide to Electric Heating to understand what wattage you need from electric radiators.

What shape are Nordic electric towel rails?

Most of the Nordic towel rails we have in stock are curved due to customer demand. They lend themselves well to rooms where you want rails that are easily accessible for hanging towels and robes.

What are Nordic electric radiators made from?

Nordic electric radiators are made from steel as standard. Most electric radiators we have in stock are made from steel, due to having fantastic heat retention. If you need an electric radiator where it is more important to get a room hot quickly, it may be worth looking at aluminium electric radiators.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Nordic designer electric radiators come with everything in the box for standard installation. Remember, the radiator has an independent thermostat which allows you to program when the radiator comes on.

Get Electric Radiators Delivered Quickly with Trade Radiators

Trade Radiators always aims to have your new radiator delivered as quickly as possible. You can see what’s available right now by clicking the In-Stock option on the left side of the page. Delivery times average 5-10 days, but we will keep you updated and try to get your order shipped as quickly as possible.

Get help from Trade Radiators

Not sure what electric radiator you need or have a question about Nordic products? Get in touch with the Trade Radiators customer team today. Call us on 0141 225 0430 (phone line hours are at the top of this page).

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