Paladin Electric Cast Iron Radiators

Many people are surprised to find out that it is possible to have an electric cast iron radiator. While it does take extra effort to construct classically styled radiators to be fit for an electrical system, Paladin is our preferred brand when it comes to electric cast iron radiators.

Take a look at the range of over 70 products we currently have available and read on to find out more about these fantastic radiators. 

When should you choose a Paladin electric radiator?

These radiators work best when you have a room or large space that would benefit from the ornate look of a cast iron radiator, but you can't carry out costly pipework. Electric radiators like those you see on the page are created with a special filling that heats them just like a traditional radiator.

Many customers prefer them to alternative plug-in electric heaters and fans as they heat a space more efficiently, use less energy and can fit in seamlessly with other radiators in your home. 

What size Paladin electric radiator should I get?

The size of the electric radiator you’ll want will depend on several factors including: 

  • What the BTU requirements of your space are
  • What space you have available
  • What size you think would look right

Does it matter how many sections a Paladin electric radiator has?

The section division of these radiators is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Compare something like the 7 section Pimlico radiator to the Clarendon 10 section of a similar size, and you’ll see they share a common BTU level. Although, when you’re looking at some of the bigger electric radiators on offer, a high combination of columns and sections does help the radiator take in more air.

What finishes do Paladin electric radiators come in?

All Paladin electric radiators come in a traditional cast iron finish. 

We do provide custom colour options on standard radiators, although if you do have a particular colour in mind, we recommend getting in touch with us directly to see if it is possible to have a custom painted electric cast iron radiator. 

Find the right electric radiator for any room

Shop our range of electric heating here. Not only are there cast iron electric radiators like the ones you see on this page, but we also have designer options and traditionally styled electric radiators. 

Free delivery on any radiator 

We promise to get any order to you as quickly as possible. In most cases, we’ll be able to deliver an electric radiator two working days after you make your order. It can sometimes take longer as there’s a filling process involved to make sure the radiator is fully adaptable.

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