Stainless Steel Electric Heated Towel Rails

An incredibly popular type of heated towel rail for homes across the UK, our range of stainless steel electric heated towel rails work wonders in rooms that require a simple heating solution or the ability to adapt to a dual fuel system.

With over 100 towel rails in the range to choose from and options to suit all budgets, shop the range today and see if the towel rail you need is right here.

What makes stainless steel towel rail so unique?

Almost all of the rails on this page are made from Grade 304 stainless steel. This is an alloy with excellent resistance to corrosion and is suited for being used internally.

It also helps that stainless steel is a fantastic conductor of heat, affording these towel rails the chance to heat troublesome spaces without a problem.

What styles of stainless steel electric towel rail can I get?

There are generally two styles these rails come in:

  • Curved
  • Straight

Which you choose will be down to how much wall projection you are ok with and your personal preferences.

Can I get a tall stainless steel towel rail?

We have rails that go from 350mm to 1200mm tall. If you were thinking of having an electric stainless steel towel rail somewhere like your kitchen or the bathroom and have the height for one, you might want to look at Trade Direct Straight rails above 1000mm.

You can use the filter option on this page to find the perfect size for any space.

What finishes do stainless steel electric heated towel rails come in?

With their unique shine and coat, we don’t put any other finish over these towel rails. If you had a certain finish in mind, be it anthracite or black, you’ll need to shop electric heating by colour. It’s where you’ll also find silver, white and polished towel rails.

Can I get a budget stainless steel electric towel rail?

Stainless steel is a high-quality alloy and as such tends to be a bit more expensive. We do have stainless steel electrical towel rails starting at £180 for a dual fuel system.

If you are looking for an electric or dual fuel towel fail for under £100, we recommend checking out our range of electric heated towel rails, with budget options from brands including Trade Direct, Lazzarini and Pisa.

Do I need any special accessories for a stainless steel electric towel rail?

You shouldn’t need anything special to complete your installation. Because electric towel rails are a plug in solution for heating, many people prefer to have some level of control when choosing this type of radiator.

If you are keen to get savvy with heating, take a look at our range of smart heating controls, including smart plugs and smart programmable elements.

Delivering electric towel rails around the UK

We know that waiting around for a towel rail to be delivered isn’t fun. That’s why we guarantee free delivery fast on all stainless steel electric heated towel rails.

Because these rails require a filing, please allow an extra day for delivery and remember that all orders have to be signed for.

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