Shelf Heated Towel Rails

At Trade Radiators we have a wide range of shelf heated towel rails.  These handy products combine the high heat output of a towel rail but come the added bonus of an inbuilt storage shelf for towels.  

These are wall mounted and come in a range of sizes, so you are sure to find a size and specification that suits.   Often they are fitted above the bath tub or near the shower so you warm towel is within easy reach.

We stock a wide range of styles and materials of shelf radiators suitable for all kinds of applications and heating systems.  They pack a large amount of heat output into a small frame so you can be sure that not only will these rails warm your room but they will also dry and store towels for future use.  The clever design incorporating a shelf for folded towels and hangers for smaller towels will always prove practical and visually appealing.

See below all we have on offer and see why Trade Radiators are you one stop shop for creating a cosy bathroom sanctuary.

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