Steel Heated Towel Rails

Finding the right steel heated towel rail doesn’t need to be difficult. With a range of over 250 steel towel rails, we pride ourselves on having arguably the most varied selection in the UK. We have rails to suit all budgets and styles with standard, electric and dual fuel options available to suit any home heating system.

When you’re simply looking for a reliable and hardworking towel rail that will easily heat a space without fuss, while simultaneously looking good, you’ll want to check out the range of steel heated towel rails we have on offer at Trade Radiators.

Shop our range today and see if the right steel towel rail is here for you.

What is the difference between steel and stainless steel towel rails?

When it comes to towel rails, price is the main difference between steel and stainless steel towel rails. Because stainless steel is essentially an alloy and has to go through the additional processes to be made, it is more expensive to create a stainless towel rail. For example, we have steel towel rails for as little as £33, while the stainless range starts around £100.

If you’re interested in shopping that range, you can check out our Stainless Steel towel rails here.

Are steel heated towel rails low quality?

No. Just because they don’t contain a chromium alloy it doesn’t mean steel towel rails are lower quality. You’ll see that most of the steel towel rails come with a 5-10 year guarantee as standard. 

What brands sell steel towel rails?

We have some fantastic brands within the range, including Trade Direct and Lazzarini.

Trade Direct is our name brand range of towel rails and radiators. With decades of experience selling radiators, we’ve put our knowledge towards creating a range of what we believe are some of the best steel towel rails you’ll find online. Right now our Surrey White rails are extremely popular and sell out quickly when stock is back in.

Lazzarini is another renowned brand we stock in this section.  They are known for their striking designs, so if you like towel rails with plenty of rungs, this is a good choice.

What finish can I get on a steel heated towel rail?

You’re practically spoiled for choice when it comes to finishes. You can choose from:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Chrome

If you have a particular finish in mind, you can shop towel rails by colour to get the right one.

Is it possible to get a steel heated towel rail I can plug in?

When renovating a space or converting somewhere like the attic into a bedroom, you don’t want to spend hand over foot getting pipework reconfigured when it is much easier to plug a radiator in.

We have electric steel rails options available, with the Trade Direct Durham towel rail in a chrome finish the most popular electric steel radiator we currently have.

Finding the right steel towel rail

Still not sure what kind of towel rail you need for your space? We’re here to help. You can phone us directly until 6 pm at 0141 225 0430 and talk with one of the team. And if you need to get in touch any hour of the day hit the chat icon in the corner of the page to chat with customer support.

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