Wall Mounted Heated Towel Rails

Finding the ideal way to heat your bathroom or kitchen is about finding the right kind of heating element. For some, that means radiators, but for many more wall mounted heated towel rails are the way forward.


Towel rails are becoming more and more popular for their impressive heating ability as well as their ability to save space in smaller bathrooms and kitchens. In these kinds of rooms, full-size radiators can often be a bit cumbersome. 


Here at Trade Radiators, we have endeavoured to supply a wide collection of different wall mount towel rails to give you an ample choice for your own spaces.


How Powerful Are Wall Mounted Towel Rails?

There’s a misconception that towel rails don’t heat up rooms as effectively as radiators, and for many homes out there, this simply isn’t the case. Towel rails work in a very similar fashion to radiators, of course, depending on their chassis and their heating technology.


Our BTU heating calculator works with our towel rails too. Use it to give you an idea of the kind of rail you’ll need for your room.

What Finishes Do Wall Mounted Towel Rails Come In?

When it comes to finish, we are pleased to offer our customers a whole host of options for their bathrooms and kitchens, such as:


  • Black
  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Satin
  • Polished
  • White

And so many more styles to choose from. Take a look now and see what finish suits your room the best!

What Models Of Wall Mounted Heated Towel Rail Are Available?

No matter where you intend to use your towel rail, we have all kinds of models available to suit your every need.


Take a look at some of our more popular options:


Reina Fermo Aluminium Rail 710x480mm (Satin Bronze) – a wonderfully stylish option for those who want a sense of grandeur in their bathroom. Get a contemporary rail that’s a nice blend with most modern homes.


Reina Fano Aluminium Rail 720x485mm (Satin Blue) – a wall mounted rail that’ll really turn heads with its crisp blue hue. If you are into modernist, minimalist aesthetics, then this rail is a great choice.


DQ Zante Curved Towel Rail 22mm, 1190x500mm (Black Nickel) – or for those who want a slightly bigger rail to serve a larger bathroom, this curved rail is perfect.

Our Dedication To Our Customers 

Here at Trade Radiators, we want to make sure our customers are looked after, which is why we take care of getting your radiator to you. On all our towel rail orders, we provide our customers with free delivery that applies if you live within the UK mainland.


We have delivery specialists that will handle everything and get your chosen towel rail to your doorstep from our warehouse.


In addition, our price match policy makes sure that you never pay more than you need to for high-quality wall mounted towel rails!

Talk To Our Customer Service Specialists Now

Do you want to find out more about our selection of wall mounted rails? Then feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to assist you!

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