Paladin Radiator Valves

When buying a cast iron radiator, one common mistake people make is forgetting to grab some matching radiator valves before going to checkout. If you’ve been shopping for Paladin cast iron radiators here at Trade Radiators, or any cast iron radiator on our site, you’ll be looking for a top-quality valve to give your installation those important finishing touches.

Luckily, Paladin radiator valves will do just that. Take a look at the range we currently have in stock and see which valve is the right for you. Remember too that all orders at Trade Radiators come with free delivery across mainland UK.

What types of valves are Paladin valves?

They may look old school, but they certainly aren’t. Most of the Paladin valves on offer here are thermostatic valves. These are adjustable valves which allow for greater control of heating in any room. If you are more interested in a simple on/off solution for your radiator valves, we recommend looking at our manual radiator valves.

What makes Paladin radiator valves special?

We believe they have a high level of workmanship, something which typically can be hard to come by when buying radiator valves. The attention to detail on the top handle is remarkable, and the brushed finish really brings out the design features.

What direction do Paladin valves go in?

These are all angled valves which make a 90° connection from your pipes to your radiator from the floor up. If you have pipes which come out of the wall to meet at this angle, you’ll be looking for corner radiator valves instead.

What finish or Paladin valve should I choose?

We always recommend that you go for a valve which matches the same colour as your radiator or at least comes close to it in a complementary fashion.

In this range, the most popular finishes include:

  • Aged Gold
  • Anthracite Black
  • Natural Cast
  • Old Penny
  • Old Pewter
  • Sovereign Gold
  • Copper
  • Pewter

If you need help figuring out which colour you need, take a look at all our radiator valves by finish to compare colours, and see which would look best on your radiators.

Do I need to buy radiator pipe sleeves?

You will be given the option to choose matching pipe sleeves when you pick a specific product. Doing so helps ensure that sleeves are the same colour. If you already have a Paladin valve installed and would be looking to change sleeves for whatever reason, you can shop for radiator pipe sleeves here.

What size are Paladin radiator valves?

Paladin radiator valves are 134mm high and 83mm wide.

What is the connection size of a Paladin valve?

The standard measurement for pipes in the UK is 15mm. These valves match that measurement.

In some cases, you may find that your installation needs a slightly different sized valve. That why we stock the following radiator valve sizes, many of which are similarly styled:

If you already have a new valve which sadly doesn’t fit, there’s no need to worry. Simply get some radiator reducers to help make the connection. You’ll find we stock many varieties from West which would have similar colours to the valves on this page.

What guarantee do these valves have?


Most Paladin valves come with a two-year guarantee as standard.

I like the old style of these valves. Where can I find something similar?

We recommend taking a look at our traditional radiator valves, especially those by Trade Direct and West.

Can Paladin radiator valves be controlled remotely?

These are made for independent use. If you want valves which can be controlled from a central hub or via your phone, take a look at our range of smart heating controls. A recent addition, the Radbot Smart TRV, is proving to be very popular.

I’m looking for the best deal on a valve, where can I look?

If you’re working to a budget, we highly recommend checking out the Trade Direct valves currently in stock. Many have similar designs and colours to those you see here.

Need help finding the right valve?

When you haven’t shopped for radiator valves before, it can be not very clear knowing the terminology and what ones would work best in your home. If you need help, feel free to get in touch. You can leave a message on our contact page, or call the customer care team on 0141 225 0430.

And don’t forget to check out the Trade Radiators Complete Valve to Radiator Valves.

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