Satin Radiator Valves

Getting a radiator valve that perfectly matches the metallic tone or finish you were looking for can sometimes be difficult.  At Trade Radiators we can help solve this problem with one of our satin finished radiator valves. These fantastic looking valves go with a host of different radiator types and could be just what you’re looking for.

With the value it can bring to a room, and the value it can save on your wallet, our satin radiator valves are a fantastic option for anyone who needs new radiator valves.

What is a Satin Radiator Valve?

Satin radiator valves are brass or copper valves that have been coated in a satin metallic finish to help them look just like stainless steel or provide a sleek metallic finish to compliment a radiator.

Like the majority of pipes in your home, most radiator valves are made from brass. Brass valves don’t always match the look you’re going for with a new radiator and can look out of place.

Why Aren’t Valves Made From Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a very expensive metal to work. This would mean that steel valves would be expensive too and seen as too much for a product carrying out a simple function.

Are There Any Advantages to Using Satin Radiator Valves?

The clear advantage is cost. Brushing a valve in a satin finish provides the same look as steel on a much cheaper budget; which in turn is passed on to the customer.

Another advantage comes from the brass used. Brass is a hard-wearing metal and doesn’t easily corrode, meaning it will last longer than valves made from other materials.

Because satin is a brushed finish, we can apply it to different styles of a valve to help fit the majority of radiator installations.

How Do I Know What Satin Valve to Buy?

The most important factor will be the location. You’ll need to know first if you need a straight, angled or corner radiator valve. Straight valves are used when your pipe goes straight from the floor to your intake; angled valves are when you need a right angle for your intake from the floor, and cornered valves are used when pipe comes out horizontally from a wall.

What Style Satin Valve Can I Get?

We have valves to match a wide range of radiator styles. You can get a satin valve in styles such as:

  • Minimalist with a manual valve
  • Traditional with tap top
  • Square with block top
  • Balmoral with an umbrella top
  • Belgravia with ornate wooden handle

What Radiators Suit Satin Valves Best?

Satin valves are ideally suited to radiators with a metallic or matte finish. Products like our silver towel rails and lacquered metal column radiators look fantastic with a satin valve.

And while white doesn’t traditionally go with a satin finish, if you have similarly coloured pipes or your fixtures have a satin finish, a thermostatic satin finish valve works with most radiators.

Best Value Satin Valves

We guarantee our satin radiator valves are the best you’ll find online. All valves have a two-year guarantee, and with our price match promise, we make sure you won’t find a better price for the same make and model of valve anywhere else online.

Fast and Quick Delivery

Looking to order new valves to finish a radiator installation? If you’re only ordering valves, and do so before 2pm, we’ll get it sent on next working day delivery, so you don’t have to wait around for your valves.

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