Electric Radiators For Bathrooms From Trade Radiators

Electric radiators for bathrooms are modern, energy-efficient solutions for heating your contemporary bathroom space.

These cutting-edge radiators possess various unique features that are ideal for the bathroom and they can run without using the central heating. Whether dual fuel or full electric bathroom radiators, you will be able to activate the electric heating element to warm your WC. The styles are elegant and the designs are robust and efficient using the latest electric heating technology.

If you are exploring different heating options, Trade Radiators supplies heated towel rails with different configurations and designs. With so many sizes and materials at your fingertips, you are sure to find something in the catalogue.

Our Range of Electric Radiators For Bathrooms

Amongst the collection at Trade Radiators, you will find electric radiators for bathrooms that tick many boxes for different buyers. Whether you prioritise style, energy-efficiency, durability or affordability, there is something for you at Trade.

The options in this range include stylish ladder rails and elegant column radiators, as well as more enigmatic designer units. Materials include steel and aluminium with your choice of dual fuel or full electric units.

The right radiator for your space needs to have the appropriate heating power and you can work this out using the free BTU calculator. It tells you the heating power you need based on the dimensions of your room.

We deliver free of charge throughout the UK mainland. Every product comes with a lengthy manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Radiators For Bathrooms

Why Do I Need an Electric Radiator For My Bathroom?

An electric radiator can be installed without radiator pipes and may even offer features like a remote control. Dual fuel options give you the best of both worlds. In any case, you get elegant style and practical features like rails to warm your towels whilst you bathe or shower. Efficiency and affordability are a given and you will effortlessly upgrade the ambience of your bathroom.

Are There Different Styles Of Electric Radiators For Bathrooms?

Electric bathroom radiators come in all shapes and styles. Choose between iconic towel warmers in the ladder style or classical column heaters. If you want something more unusual, the range of designer radiators is for you. A wide range of materials and colours is available to explore.

Do You Sell Electric Radiators For Other Rooms?

Yes, we have electric radiators in many styles that are ideal for other rooms besides the bathroom. Explore the full range today to discover electric heating options for the entire home.

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