Horizontal Radiators for Bathrooms From Trade Radiators

Horizontal radiators for bathrooms come in many shapes, sizes and styles to match the aesthetic of your bathroom space.

These radiators typically emphasise width over height, so they are fantastic for wall spaces where this is the best orientation. You will find many finishes, materials and heat sources among this range, so it is a diverse and versatile collection. However you decorate your bathroom, you will find heated towel rails or column radiators to complement it in this range.

Please note Trade Radiators also sell vertical bathroom radiators if this would be a better fit for your needs. Different orientations and configurations are waiting for you to discover in the catalogue.

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Our Range of Horizontal Radiators for Bathrooms

Trade Radiators understands the home heating needs of the modern buyer. You have come to the right place for heating solutions that incorporate style, efficiency and different price points to meet your needs.

Trade supplies many options for horizontal radiators for bathrooms. Feast your eyes upon the different approaches to towel warmers, whether they be ladder rails, column units or other types of designer radiators. You are sure to find something that you like.

The Trade Radiators BTU calculator is a free resource that can be helpful for your search. Simply enter the dimensions of your bathroom and it will tell you the heating power you need from your radiator. This ensures you warm the room in the most efficient way possible.

Experience a generous manufacturer guarantee no matter which product you buy. That peace of mind is matched with a speedy delivery service that will cost you nothing if you live in the UK mainland.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horizontal Radiators for Bathrooms

Why Do I Need a Horizontal Radiator for My Bathroom?

Horizontal radiators for bathrooms are available in virtually any size and style imaginable. This means you get complete freedom to find the design of your choice. They fit into spaces where there is more width than height, offering various functional and style benefits. All that, and you get great efficiency and an affordable price tag.

Are There Different Styles Of Horizontal Radiators for Bathrooms?

Yes, you will find a diverse range of styles covering everything from traditional ladder rails to column units and more enigmatic designer ones. Colours and finishes are equally diverse, and you will find different types of steel or even modern aluminium material options.

Do You Sell Electric Horizontal Radiators for Bathrooms?

Yes, many of the units in this range have the option for a dual fuel heating kit. This enables the inclusion of an electric option in addition to central heating. You will also find many electric radiators elsewhere on the website.

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