Bathroom Mirror Radiators From Trade Radiators

Bathroom mirror radiators warm your bathroom and also provide a mirror for styling your hair or applying your moisturiser. The look is extremely modern and high-tech, assembled from durable mild steel and available in several colour and finish combinations. Upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom space with a deftly-modern new radiator.

If you were looking for something like a towel ladder as your bathroom heater, or perhaps something else entirely, Trade Radiators supplies many options for bathroom radiators to suit many needs.

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Our Range of Bathroom Mirror Radiators

Trade Radiators understands what modern buyers need from their bathroom heaters. Warm your water closet efficiently with an on-trend look that offers energy efficiency and additional functionality from the large, built-in mirror.

You have an abundance of choice at Trade. The styles in stock are large vertical units with a column structure and a sizeable mirror in the middle. The look is enigmatic and contemporary, built from mild steel with a white or anthracite colouring and gloss or textured finish.

Shopping with Trade Radiators enables you to take advantage of the free BTU calculator. This empowering tool enables you to specify the exact heating power you need from your bathroom radiator based on the dimensions of the space.

Order now and you will also get a generous manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. Delivery is also provided at no extra cost throughout the UK mainland, and your order will arrive at your door as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Mirror Radiators

Why Do I Need a Bathroom Mirror Radiator?

A bathroom mirror radiator performs many functions. It heats the bathroom efficiently and injects an element of elegance and style to the space. It also provides a large mirror that has many uses in a water closet, so you don’t have to install an additional mirror.

Are There Different Styles Of Bathroom Mirror Radiators?

The bathroom mirror rails we supply have a singular style, but there are a couple of options for both colour and finish. Explore what’s available today to see what works for you.

Do You Sell Electric Bathroom Mirror Radiators?

No, currently our bathroom mirror rails are only available with a standard heating configuration that connects to the central heating system.