Tall Grey & Anthracite Radiators

Tall grey & anthracite radiators are a great choice to match your decor and warm a medium-large space.

These statuesque heaters look impressive and provide a large unit for spaces where the radiator pipes are close together. The neutral grey or anthracite finish is on-trend and versatile in modern surroundings. Whether you opt for a traditional column unit or a more contemporary flat panel one, it will lend an air of sophistication to your discerning modern space.

Trade Radiators supplies an abundance of different colours and finishes for you to discover. With such a diverse heating range at your fingertips, you will have no problem finding the ideal style for your home.

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Our Range of Tall Grey & Anthracite Radiators

Discovering elegant, on-trend heating solutions at fair prices has never been so easy. Trade Radiators stocks high-quality, efficient radiators at prices that won’t break the bank.

Amongst Trade’s range is an outstanding selection of tall grey & anthracite radiators. Classic styles from premium steel stand alongside modern aluminium units in designer models. Choose the style and heat source that best meets your needs.

When you shop with Trade Radiators, you gain the advantage of using the free BTU calculator. Input the dimensions of your space, and it will specify the heating power you need from your new radiator to avoid over or under-heating your home.

You can save even more with fast, free delivery to any address on the UK mainland. A generous manufacturer guarantee will also be attached to any item you buy for extra peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tall Grey & Anthracite Radiators

Why Do I Need a Tall Grey & Anthracite Radiator?

Tall grey & anthracite radiators are the ideal middle-ground for large dimensions, efficient heating and a sleek, chic aesthetic. They make a great focal point in larger spaces where radiator pipes won’t accommodate a wide, horizontal unit.


Are There Different Styles Of Tall Grey & Anthracite Radiators?

Yes, the units on offer cover different variations on the themes of traditional column radiators and modern flat panel units. Discover shades of grey and anthracite with various finishes or mild steel and aluminium units.


Do You Sell Electric Tall Grey & Anthracite Radiators?

No, the units offered in our range of tall grey & anthracite radiators currently only allow for a standard heat source. This means central heating. However, you can explore our range to find an array of electric heaters elsewhere if this is what you need.

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