DQ Vela Radiators

At Trade Radiators we are big fans of DQ. Their radiators are made to a fantastic standard, and we feel their electric models are some of the best out there. If you’re looking for a reputable designer radiator that will impress, the DQ Vela range will do the job fantastically. 

Take a look at the current range and see if the DQ Vela is the radiator you need for a special space.

We have a wide variety of radiators to choose from, why not browse our range if you are looking for something different?

When should you choose a DQ Vela radiator?

You’ll want a radiator like this when you are looking for a designer radiator with tremendous heat output. If you have a room or larger space that has trouble heating up, some of the BTU on these Vela radiators are something else. Within the range, you’ll see some can get up to 4776 BTU with no trouble at all.

If you know your room is hard to heat, but haven’t a clue what BTU you need, use our handy heating calculator. Pop in the dimensions, and we’ll help give you an idea of what radiator to get.

What size DQ Vela radiator should I get?

You’ll see we stock both horizontal and vertical DQ Vela radiators in varying sizes. Some things you’ll want to consider when picking radiator size include:

  • How much free space you have on the wall
  • Where your pipes are located
  • If you need floor space

Most of the horizontal models are 600mm wide, a ubiquitous radiator size in the UK, while the vertical models are 1900mm. If a certain length or height limits you, you can always shop by size and find a suitable radiator.

What finishes do DQ electric radiators come in?

We currently have two finishes in stock: 

  • Anthracite
  • White 

If you have a particular colour in mind, don’t forget you can shop by colour and see if another finish or custom colour might work best.

Do I need anything special to install a DQ Vela radiator?

Your order will come with all the necessary fittings to install a radiator easily. If you are getting a vertical rad, you might want to look at the polished towel rails we also have on this page.

How do I complete the look? 

With radiators like these, we recommend having matching radiator valves in a similar finish so the set-up looks perfect. You wouldn’t want to have a nice new radiator installed with the same old rusty looking valves that have been there for years.

If you have old pipe sleeves that have seen better days as well, you don’t have to go about getting pipework done. Get some new pipe sleeves that come with free next day delivery. 

You can also browse the full range of radiators we can offer to find the right choice for your room.

DQ’s dynamic range

These aren’t the only DQ radiators we have in stock. If you like the look of the Vela, then you’ll want to browse our selection of DQ Delta and DQ Dune radiators too.

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