Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Low surface temperature radiators, sometimes referred to as LST radiators, are a specific style of radiator. While it may seem counter-intuitive to have a radiator that is cold to the touch, there are many reasons why someone would want a radiator like this.

With reputable brands like Stelrad in stock, you’ll be able to find the right LST radiators for any space at Trade Radiators. If you need something different, why not browse through our range of radiators?

What are Low Surface Temperature Radiators?

An LST radiator is one where you have a radiator unit housed inside a cover, with openings at the top and bottom to allow continual airflow. This type of radiator is needed in a space where you can’t afford the risk of someone touching a hot radiator.

 What types of building need an LST radiator?

It is very common to see these radiators in:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Community Centres
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and Cafes

Why would a building need an LST radiator?

Some buildings have regulations in place to help protect the public. Hospitals are a leading example, as NHS rules state radiators aren’t allowed to have a surface temperature which exceeds 43°C. Of course, radiators will usually need to get warmer than this to heat a room or hospital corridor, so you’d want the radiator designed and covered in a way that someone wouldn’t be able to touch and potentially scold their hand.

Are LST radiators expensive?

Not at all. Many of the models in our current range are less than £300.

What style of a radiator is an LST radiator?

Under the cover, you’ll find a traditional convector radiator that is usually either a single or double panel model.

Is it hard to install an LST radiator?

In most cases, you’ll want someone qualified to install an LST radiator, but they are quite simple to get hooked up to your heating system. You’ll find that part of the casing (usually the bottom) is easily accessible if you need to do something like adjusting the temperature.

The bottom panels on LST radiators are also reversible so you can easily flip a panel around without running into any problems.

How do you make sure no one can take the cover off?

LST radiators have a bracket system in place that means you can’t pull the case off. Casings do come with knockout valves on side panels.

Are LST radiators easy to clean?

As these are usually installed in areas that need to be kept clean at all times, the casing does have a coating of anti-bacterial paint on top.

Do these radiators meet NHS guidelines?

Yes, these radiators match current guidelines. In cases where your pipes will be exposed outside of the cover, you’ll have to get them wrapped up and covered independently.

We have all the information you’d need on LST radiators on our blog here.

Do LST radiators take longer to heat a room?

No. The cover will not impede performance. BTU on these radiators ranges from the 600s to 9441 with the Stelrad K2 Type 22 Low Surface Temperature Convector Radiator 800mm x 1960mm in White a popular product in the range.

Are LST radiators bigger than normal radiators?

Most the radiators in this range have a wall projection around 130mm, so they won’t jut out or feel like they’re getting in the way.

If you'd rather have a different style, then take a look at the large selection of radiators available.

How long does it take to get an LST radiator delivered?

We aim to have your LST radiator delivered within 2-4 working days and don’t forget delivery is free on any order.

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