Nordic Aluminium Radiators

Offering fantastic heat output and an ultra-modern design, Trade Radiators is excited to have Nordic aluminium radiators available for customers. If you’re looking for a snappy radiator that puts heat output and longevity at the forefront, this could be the radiator for you.

If you're thinking about a different style or colour, then take a look through our extensive range of radiators to discover the right one for you.

Take a look at what’s in stock just now, as well as any of the great Nordic products currently on sale, available at Trade Radiators.

What makes Nordic Aluminium radiators special?

We like this range as Nordic has created an aluminium radiator in a wider variety of sizes than most other brands, allowing for placement in pretty much any room around the home or office. They also have a fantastic price point compared to some of the other aluminium radiators from big brands you’ll find in other stores.

What styles do Nordic Aluminium radiators come in?

All Nordic aluminium radiators come in a traditional panel style. They are assembled in sections, which gives that unique notched look on the front. By default, these radiators are open-ended like a regular panel radiator you’d find at home. They do offer matching end panels, which you can select when buying your preferred size. 

What finish do Nordic Aluminium radiators come in?

Nordic like to keep things simple here. Almost all the radiators on this page come in a white finish. If you have your eye towards a specific colour, we recommend visiting our main aluminium section. And if you have a colour/finish that you can’t find at all, see if Trade Radiators can help by checking our custom colour radiators.

What size do these radiators come in?

This range runs from 240m to 1600mm wide for horizontal models and 1046mm to 2046mm for vertical radiators. If there’s a precise size you have in mind, please use the filter bar on the left side of the page to narrow down results.

How many panels do Nordic Aluminium radiators have?

All the Nordic aluminium radiators you see on this page are double panel radiators. To help get an idea of whether they’ll fit in your room, you’ll find the wall projection listed within each product’s specifications.  If you’re after a narrow projection to fit a tighter space, look at some of our single panel radiators.

What guarantee do Nordic Aluminium radiators have?

All the radiators in this range come with a 10-year guarantee as standard, which is quite common for aluminium radiators.

Does aluminium make any real difference?

While it may not have the same heat retention that a traditional steel radiator has, aluminium is seen as the material to choose if you get the chance. As it has better conductive properties, aluminium radiators can heat up quickly and require less water to do so.

These radiators, like every Nordic product here at Trade Radiators, have high thermal efficiency.

Can I use a vertical Nordic Aluminium radiator as a towel rail?

Even though you can see that these radiators are built in sections, you wouldn’t be able to get a robe hook in there. If you want to use it as a rail, we recommend getting an adjustable towel bar. You can shop for towel bars here, as well as some of our other top-selling radiator accessories. 

If you're looking for something different, you can view our full range of radiators here to help you find the right radiator.

Do I need to buy anything to install a Nordic Aluminium radiator?

All Nordic radiators come with fittings in the box for a standard installation.

Fast & free delivery on any new Nordic Aluminium radiator

Trade Radiators prides itself on being able to deliver customers radiators as quickly as possible, regardless of where in the UK you’re living. Most Nordic Aluminium radiators have a 5-10 day delivery window, but we will try our best to get yours delivered as quickly as possible.

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