Nordic Column Radiators

Quickly becoming a popular choice for customers who have been looking high and low for that perfect mixture of traditional radiator design with a modern twist, Trade Radiators is excited to be offering customers Nordic column radiators. Coming in a wide range of sizes, they provide a practical heating solution for almost any space.

Shop the range and find out if Nordic has the column radiator you’ve been looking for. Alternatively, you can view our full range of radiators to find the right one for you.

What makes Nordic column radiators special?

Most homes and offices which are looking to replace panel radiators with column radiators tend to find that their particular style can be a little overbearing, namely due to a wider wall depth than expected. The Nordic column range offers users slightly more versatility with a suitable depth when space is a premium. For example, a top-seller like the Nordic 3 Column Radiator, Raw Metal, 500mm x 339mm has a depth of only 101mm.

These radiators are great as it’s easy to find the right size for almost any room. We have over 170 different sizes of Nordic column radiators in stock.

What finishes do Nordic Column radiators come in?

Nordic column radiators come in the following finishes:

  • Graphex/Graphite
  • Raw Lacquer
  • White

Graphex is becoming a trendy option to have on radiators, and it’s easy to see why. The deeper shade of grey isn’t as dominating as a slate black and provides some lustre when needed – ideal for rooms which would get plenty of natural light.

If there’s a specific colour you have in mind, check out our main column radiator section to see which other shades you can choose from.

What size does Nordic Column radiators come in?

You’ll be able to find a Nordic column radiator for practically any room, from the box bedroom to the hallway. If you’re looking for a horizontal radiator, they range in size from 500mm to 1824mm wide. In the vertical side of things (which are 1800mm tall) you’re looking at anything from 190mm to 924mm.

How many columns do Nordic Column Radiators have?

You can choose from 2, 3 and 4-column options. The more columns you opt for, the wider the wall projection and the higher the heat output of the radiator.

If you’re really worried that a radiator like this might get in the way if you’re hanging it on the wall behind doors and other obstructions, we recommend looking at some of our popular single panel radiators or having a look through our other radiator choices.

What guarantee do Nordic column radiators have?

Nordic believes strongly that they make top-quality radiators. Most of this range will have a 10-year guarantee on your radiator, with some going up to 15 years.  You’ll be able to see what guarantee a specific radiator has within the product page description.

Are these radiators made from steel?

The majority of this range is made from steel, the most common material used to make column radiators. We do have around a dozen aluminium radiators in stock too. You can use the filter option on the left side of this page to see those products.

And if you’re solely interested in having aluminium, you can check out our comprehensive range of aluminium column radiators. Right now, that range has some unbeatable prices on Trade Direct aluminium radiators.

Can I use a vertical Nordic column radiator as a towel rail?

If you are planning to have these radiators in bathrooms or kitchens and want the ability to keep a towel on them, we recommend getting an adjustable towel bar, which can be clicked in place.

Do I need to buy anything to install a Nordic radiator

While these radiators come with fittings in the box for installation, we always recommend that customers get matching or complementary valves to complete the look. And if you’re a completionist who wants the installation to look perfect, you’ll be able to add on matching feet support on every product page. 

Quick delivery on your new Nordic radiator

Delivery on Nordic column radiators tends to take 5 to 10 working days. You can read about our delivery service here.. If you’d like an idea of what other popular radiators our customers like right now, check out the full Nordic range or view other radiator choices here.

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