1600mm x 500mm Radiators

Looking for reliable, comfortable heating that doesn’t break the bank and won’t be wasting your space? Look no further than our 1600mm x 500mm vertical radiators.

These stylish tall heaters can warm a room, office space or customer-facing business while providing alternative style and providing more space for wall decor, shelving, or even windows.

They offer powerful and reliable heating that can be tailored to your vision and can act as a fixture in any room that you put it in.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

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Where Would I Need a 1600mm x 500mm Radiator?

These versatile radiators can go anywhere, from hallways to bedrooms to workspaces.

They are well suited to space-effective rooms and if you have a high ceiling they can help complement your home’s tall, spacious feeling.

What 1600mm x 500mm Radiators do Trade Radiators Stock?

Here is just one of the 1600mm x 500mm radiators that we have to offer at Trade Radiators:

The Reina Flat Designer Radiator, available in both white and anthracite, this sleep option can act as a fixture as much as a piece of functional home equipment.

And it’s more than just functional, providing high power that can heat even large rooms and spaces with impressive, premium heating.

How Powerful Is A 1600mm x 500mm Radiator?

These large radiators can produce fantastic heat with powerful options that surpass a BTU of 4000 - premium heating for the home, and more than enough for even the most demanding commercial settings.

As for watts, they offer well over 1,000w which is again in the upper range of radiators, offering an efficient, premium heating solution.

How Can I Get A Cheap 1600mm x 500mm Radiator?

Trade Radiators can offer you one of our 1600mm x 500mm vertical radiators at competitive rates. We won’t be beaten on service and if you find it somewhere else for less we can match that rate with our price match guarantee.

And that’s not even mentioning our sales and special offers that will cut your prices down, and for the determined bargain hunters a 1600mm x 500mm radiator may pop up in our clearance section for heavily reduced rates.

Can I Choose From Multiple Finishes?

Yes, you can! As well as a wide range of stylistic options from some of the top brands you can also pick one of the following finishes:

  • White
  • Anthracite

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Free Delivery With Trade Radiators

We require up to 3 days for the filling of your radiator, once it’s ready we can deliver it to you through our fast free delivery.

There is a 3-day product problem policy so if something is wrong let us know and we’ll get it sorted!