Small Cast Iron Radiators From Trade Radiators

Small cast iron radiators blend the look of traditional column radiators with modern style choices for contemporary chic. Cast iron radiators with smaller dimensions will easily warm a smaller space and fit into difficult areas whilst injecting a touch of industrial splendour. You will find a number of attractive options to heat efficiently and match your interior style.

The designs range from the traditional to the modern and are all assembled in the UK. 

Trade Radiators supplies cast iron radiators in many colour options to meet the needs of the discerning consumer. The material can be manipulated with diverse finishes for different aesthetic results.

If you're interested in different finishes, remember to look through our full range of radiators. You can also see more of the small radiators that we offer.

Find your perfect radiator today.

Our Selection Of Small Cast Iron Radiators

Trade Radiators deliver expertise in radiator options of every style for the modern consumer. Your interior space warrants a heater that matches your style preferences whilst heating powerfully and efficiently. We are primed to tick those boxes.

With Trade Radiators, you have many cast iron radiator options to choose from. The aesthetics range from a traditional style to more modern variations. We have something to meet all the varying needs of contemporary buyers.

The Trade Radiators BTU calculator provides a resource to calculate the power of heater your space will need. We have options to meet any requirement with superb efficiency. You will also find diverse finishes and a variety of colour options at your disposal.

There are generous manufacturer guarantees on every product for peace of mind. We also deliver for free to the UK mainland as swiftly as possible, for a budget-friendly service.

When you shop with Trade Radiators, you get excellent products at reasonable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Cast Iron Radiators


Why Do I Need A Small Cast Iron Radiator?

Small cast iron radiators deliver that iconic, traditional look for classical or industrial interiors alongside a tried-and-tested design for radiating heat. Their performance and aesthetic are sought-after by many discerning buyers.


Are There Different Styles Of Small Cast Iron Radiators?

Yes, you will find options that closely resemble traditional column radiators and designs that add a more modern twist to the aesthetic. Browse through our selection now, or shop our full range of radiators to see even more.


Do You Sell Electric Small Cast Iron Radiators?

No, cast iron column radiators are exclusively fuelled by the standard central heating option. You can shop different column radiators for electric heating options.

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