Small Wall Mounted Radiators

Small wall mounted radiators are simple to install and provide a chic, modern heating solution for a modest contemporary space. These humble radiators are designed to easily mount onto the wall so it requires minimal skill to install them. They come in various styles, materials and finishes to match their surroundings. However you style your interior, you can enhance its ambience with a chic aluminium or traditional column radiator.

If you are not looking for a wall mounted unit, there are many other types of radiators to be found among the Trade Radiators range. Whatever your needs, we have something to offer.

For more options, remember to take a look at our full range of radiators or view more of the small radiators we have to offer.

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Our Range of Small Wall Mounted Radiators

Trade Radiators always stays abreast of the latest trends in home heating. You are in the true hub of modern heating solutions with every option for style, efficiency and price range for a wall mounted unit.

Trade delivers a wealth of choice for small wall mounted radiators. Take in diverse options for design styles that include everything from contemporary aluminium heaters to the iconic look of traditional column radiators and everything in between.

We put your needs at the forefront of our service, so we provide a free BTU calculator to help ensure you find the radiator with the heating power you need. The tool calculates the necessary BTU based on the dimensions of your space at home.

Whatever you order, you will get a lengthy manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. You will also enjoy fast, free delivery anywhere in the UK mainland for a cost-effective service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Wall Mounted Radiators


Why do I need a small wall mounted radiator?

Small wall mounted radiators are compact and easy to install wherever they are needed. They balance practicality with a stylish appearance and efficient performance to warm small spaces like hallways, stairwells and bathrooms.

They can even be installed in larger spaces to deliver small pockets of warmth throughout the room.


Are there different styles of small wall mounted radiators?

Yes, you will find the full gamut of radiator designs. Explore column, flat panel, curved and other radiators in both vertical and horizontal formats. Browse the complete range to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also browse our full selection of radiators to view even more styles.


Do you sell electric small wall mounted radiators?

Yes, our range includes electric units as well as centrally heated wall mounted heaters. Our huge radiator range is truly comprehensive.

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