Henrad by Stelrad Compact Radiators

When you don’t have much space but need a radiator that can pack a punch in the heating department, there’s arguably no better brand to help get the job done than Stelrad. Trade Radiators have been stocking Stelrad compact radiators for a long time now, and the new Henrad range from the respected brand is their best yet.

If you’re looking for a compact convector radiator that has tremendous heat output and a 10-year guarantee, this could be the radiator for you. Shop the range and find the right Stelrad compact radiator for your room, or browse our full selection of radiators to discover alternative styles and finishes for your room.

What makes a radiator a compact radiator?

You might be looking at a 300mm by 2000mm radiator and wondering how exactly it can be classified as “compact”. When we refer to radiators like those in this range as compact, we’re talking about the radiator being designed to look like one complete unit. When you’re looking at the sides and top of the radiator, it will have a covering and grill top, making it easy to keep clean.

Which compact type do I need?

You may have noticed that the radiators" in this section come in three styles. Knowing the difference between type 11, 21 and 22 radiators can help you make an informed decision.

Type 11 radiators are those which are single panel with fins behind them, but no back panel.

Type 21 radiators are those which have two panels with a connecting set of fins.

Types 22 radiators are those which have two panels and two sets of fins with a small gap between them.

The type will usually correlate with the width you have to work with, and the BTU output of the radiator.

What colour does Henrad by Stelrad Compact Radiators come in?

All the radiators in this range come in a traditional matte white finish. If there’s a particular colour or shade you have in mind, we advise shopping by radiator colour to see what similarly styled radiators you can choose from. 

And on the off chance there’s an exact colour you want on a radiator, get in touch to see if we can help provide a custom colour radiator for your space.

Stelrad Compact Radiators for Bedrooms

Wall depth would be a primary concern for many bedrooms, especially if the radiator needs hung under the window sill. In cases like this, you’ll want to look at the Stelrad single panel, single convector options.

Henrad by Stelrad Compact Radiators for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are very tricky spaces to heat because of how limited space can be. If you have a small bathroom and want a reliable radiator, something like the 600mm x 300mm model might do the trick.

Stelrad Compact Radiators for Living Rooms

Your living room is usually the one room you’ll find yourself getting fussy with the temperature. It’s also a space where you can get away with having a larger radiator. Henrad convector radiators measuring 450mm and above would be a good option.

Don’t forget that these radiators have a massive BTU output, so it may be worth using our heating calculator to see which radiator would be a good fit for your living room.

You can view alternative radiators here in our full range.

Which Stelrad Compact radiator size is best?

All radiators come with precise measurements, including pipe centres. We recommend measuring out your radiator’s location, taking into account anything that could get in the way like shelves or the height of skirting boards.

With over 130 different sizes to choose from, you’ll want to avoid getting confused over which size to pick. When choosing the right compact radiator size, we always recommend taking into account the surrounding space and always making sure you add where pipes come up out of the floor to your measurements.

If you'd like to see our other types of Steldrad radiators, we also stock Stelrad plan flat panels radiators and Stelrad Everest Alto line radiators.

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee

We’re the UK’s leading online supplier of Stelrad compact radiators and believe we offer the best value possible for compact radiators.

With the Trade Radiators price promise, if you find the same make and model on another UK site for a better total price, we will match it.

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