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Low surface temperature radiators (LSTs) are a particular style of radiator that is very important for specific buildings. At Trade Radiators we stock a small range from Stelrad that we think are some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

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What are Low Surface Temperature Radiators?

In some places that require certain temperatures, health and safety need to be adhered to, and that means buildings having radiators that can work well but aren’t hot to touch.

For example, a nursery or hospital would be required to have an LST radiator in place to avoid injuries. In the case of hospitals, NHS rules state that radiators need to designed or covered in such a way that the surface temperature doesn’t get higher than 43°C.

Are Stelrad Low Surface Temperature Radiators covered?

These LST radiators have a casing with vents at the top and bottom to allow for airflow. The covering has a 5-year guarantee as standard.

Is it difficult to install an LST radiator?

While the cover keeps pipes and such inside, installation is pretty much the same as installing a normal radiator. To make installation easier, the panels are reversible, which helps a lot for plumbers who need piping flexibility.

How does the casing stay on a low surface temperature radiator?

These LST radiators have a bracket system in place to make it difficult for anyone to open the casing. This helps when you only want authorised personnel to have access.


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Do LST radiators require any special cleaning?

You would clean these radiators just like a normal radiator, although it should be known that these models are covered in an anti-bacterial paint to make sure they stay as clean as possible.

Do these radiators meet NHS guidelines?

All the radiators on this page adhere to current guidelines, although it should be known that if you have exposed pipes coming out from the casing, it is your responsibility to ensure pipes are adequately insulated.

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Will it take longer for a low surface temperature radiator to heat a room?

With the vent system in place, these radiators will convect heat just like a regular radiator.

How much space do these radiators take up?

They may look large, but Stelrad low surface temperature radiators typically have a wall projection of just 132mm. Width is dictated by how big of a radiator you want and we have models that range from 560mm to 1960mm.

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How long does it take to have an LST radiator delivered?

We can have these radiators delivered in roughly 2-4 working days from when you place your order. Don’t forget that delivery on radiators at Trade Radiators is free.

Need help keeping a space a certain temperature?

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