Trade Direct Quad Column Radiators

Bringing a fresh look to horizontal and vertical column radiators, the Trade Direct Quad column range combines traditional heating and modern design for a great looking product. This range is proving to be (pardon the pun) one of the hottest mini-ranges we have within the Trade Direct brand range.


For those who want a standout radiator which can get rooms warm quickly, and looking great while doing so, these Trade Direct Quad radiators are just what you’re looking for. Shop the range and find the right size of radiator for any room. Remember, you can always browse through our full selection of radiators if you can't find the right choice yet.

Do Trade Direct Quad column radiators heat a room easily?

These radiators have a fantastic BTU output. Depending on the size, the output starts at 2390 BTU and goes all the way up 13160 BTU when looking at the 1800 mm by 460 mm radiators; making these some of the most powerful radiators we have in stock across the entire site.

If you’re dealing with a particularly tricky space and are having problems understanding heat requirements, we recommend using our heating calculator to help understand the BTU requirements of the room.

What are Trade Direct Quad radiators made from?

These radiators are made from aluminium, which is slightly more expensive than steel but much better at helping heat rooms.

Aluminium is a fantastic heat conductor as it has the ability, when we’re looking at radiators, to provide tremendous heat output without the need to consume more energy.

Do Trade Direct Quad column radiators have a good lifespan?

The quality and care taken when making these products ensure that customers get a high-performing radiator which will deliver for years to come.

That’s why we have a 20-year guarantee on all radiators in this range.

How many columns can I choose from?

Trade Direct Quad radiators are all two-column radiators. You can choose how sections the radiator has, dependent on the width you need.

Horizontal models range from 7 to 11 columns, while vertical models range from 5 to 7.

What colours do Trade Direct Quad radiators come in?

Some of the most popular colours amongst customers include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Anthracite grey

If there is a specific colour you have in mind which you can’t see here, please visit our shop by colour section, where you’ll find similarly designed products you can choose the finish for.

What rooms can I have a Trade Direct Quad radiator in?

As they come in both horizontal and vertical styles, the range is adaptable for most rooms. Due to the shaping of the radiator, especially when looking at the top corners and sides, the style lends itself very well to contemporary interiors.

What heating system can these radiators be used on?

The Trade Direct Quad range is made for traditional heating systems and will need to be piped in for use.

Want a similarly styled radiator for an electrical system? Shop our range of electric column radiators, with some fantastic products from DQ Heating.

Can I see more radiators like this elsewhere on site?

Yes. You can shop our full range of column radiators to find horizontal and vertical radiators that offer similar designs and finishes. You can also view our full range of radiators as well.

Have a question about Trade Direct radiators?

If you want to know more about one of the radiators on this page or have a question about other products we currently have in stock, please get in touch here.


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