Type 21 Radiators

Knowing what type of radiator a room has or needs is vitally important in helping ensure the space is heated effectively. Many people will know the style of radiator they currently have (cast iron, aluminium etc.) but not many people know what type of radiator they have.

If you have a convector radiator, you’ll need to know what type of radiator it is. In many homes across the UK, we have Type 21 radiators helping keep us warm. If you’re about to buy a new radiator, you’ll need to know whether you need a Type 21 model. Trade Radiators can help you choose the correct radiator for any space.

If you need a different option for your room, why not look through our full range of radiators?

When Should You Choose a Type 21 Radiator?

It helps to know what exactly this type of radiator this is.

A Type 21 (commonly pronounced “two-one”) is a two-panel radiator with one set of fins in the middle. The fins are what takes the heat generated and radiate that heat around the room.

Type 21 radiators will usually have a depth between 70mm and 100mm.

If your radiator only has one panel and one set of fins, you currently have a Type 11 radiator. If it is double panel but has two sets of fins (i.e. looks like teeth), you have a Type 22 radiator.

How Does a Type 21 Radiator Work?

When a convector radiator is on, the radiator works to heat the fins you see in the middle as you look straight down. The fins will heat cold air passing through the radiator as it rises and circulates back out at the top.

My Current Radiator Doesn’t Heat as Well as I’d Like

If you have an old Type 21 radiator installed and feel your room needs a little more heat to feel comfortable, take a look at our Type 22 radiators offering the best BTU output possible for a convector radiator.

Do Type 21 Radiators Have Another Name?

Yes. This type of radiator is also commonly referred to as a P+ radiator.

What Radiators are on Offer?

With Type 21 generally referring to traditionally styled convector radiators, you will find that they come in a traditional white finish. Trade Radiators offers a varied range of this type of radiator to suit different types of space. We stock everything from compact radiators to sleeker flat panel styled convector radiators.

If you are interested in your Type 21 having a custom paint finish, we would recommend getting in touch directly to see if we can help.

Brands Stocking This Type of Radiator

Trade Radiators stocks a range of Type 21 radiators from top brands.

Some of the most well-known include Quinn Compact Radiators with a 71mm depth and the Quinn Seam Top Radiators where the panels have a traditional curved top.

For anyone looking for a modern styled radiator, we would suggest taking a look at the Apollo Milano Flat Panel Radiators with a 100mm wall projection and minimalist look.

At Trade Radiators, we stock a wide variety of radiators to choose from. You can browse our full range of radiators here.

Quick Delivery

We aim to get your order fulfilled and shipped as quickly as possible. Most of our radiators take 2-7 working days to arrive.

Don’t forget that every order on Trade Radiators comes with free delivery across the UK.

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