5 Heating Tips For Students

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wR2Kv-bmgnk" frameborder="0" width="660" height="350"></iframe> For a lot of young people moving away to university will be the first time they’ll not just be in charge of looking after themselves, but looking after their new digs. Anybody who’s gone to university will tell you an important factor they wish they could get right at their place was the heating. It’s almost like a rite of passage for a student to spend most of the winter semester wrapped up in bed with as many blankets and hot water bottles as they can. We here at Trade Radiators hate the thought of anyone going cold so here are some tips for new students (or their parents) to make sure you’re not living in an igloo. Time It Right Make sure you learn how to program the timer when you move in. If you know when your classes will be every day, you can make sure the house will be warm when you wake up and when you get home. It’s especially helpful when you’ve already slept in and are running late. Don’t Be Wasteful The worst thing you can do is have the heating on all the time. Don’t just knock it to manual when you get home because more often than not you’ll forget about changing the switch before heading out in the evening or going to bed. Your Second Home We’re not being pushy, but you really should consider heading to the library a lot. From our experience it is the one place that will always be pumping hot air during the cold winter months. Just fill a flask of your best hot drink, decamp by a table and study to your now warm heart’s content. Don’t forget your keys This is a tip that we think all parents should take heed of as it will happen. When you’re packing everything up for the move, throw in a radiator key. We don’t know how many family members have phoned us over the years not knowing why their radiators won’t heat up. It’s a simple little thing that will save someone hours of frustration and confusion. Get a pizza the action If there’s one thing students are reliant upon more than not having enough clean clothes, it’s their love of frozen pizzas. When you cook one, remember that the oven has all that heat packed inside. When you knock it off, leave the door open and that’s your kitchen warm for the next few hours. Just remember when moving to university that the heating isn’t just something that you asked mum and dad to knock on. Act wisely about how you heat your new home and it’ll save you from having a hole burn in your wallet. Article by Benjamin Clarke
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