5 ways to be a trustworthy Gas Safe Engineer

Building trust among customers is vital for any plumber and installer wishing to increase their business. Being trustworthy and generally ‘doing a good job’ will lead to repeat business as well as word of mouth recommendations, vital for anyone seeking new customers. The cold winter months are an important period for all heating engineers, so keeping the points below in mind will help greatly in providing an excellent service and gaining more business. 1 - Be free and easy with displaying or showing your Gas Safe Register ID card. Don’t be afraid to show it off as this shows the customer that you are fully qualified to be safely working with gas appliances. Your well-earned qualification will reassure the customer and give them confidence in you. 2 - Explain to customers how to spot if one of their gas appliances is not working correctly. The signs can include things like a weak yellow flame in their boiler (instead of a strong blue one), an unusual amount of condensation in the room and black or dark marks around the appliances. They should be aware of these signs and be ready to call in an engineers if they spot them. 3 - Make customers aware of the importance of annual heating maintenance and compare it with a car getting it’s MOT, if necessary. Show them how they can sign up for a free text or email alert at www.staygassafe.co.uk to remind them when it’s time for an annual check of their heating system and gas appliances. 4 - Educate customers on the warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning which can include dizziness, painful headaches, breathing difficulties and collapse. It’s especially important to be able to distinguish between carbon monoxide poisoning and winter-related illnesses such as bad colds and flu. 5 - Recommend that your customers fit a Carbon Monoxide detector alarm. Whist making it clear that an alarm is not to be installed instead of regular safety checks, it can help bring attention to a faulty appliance and warn the household before the problem becomes fatal. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • Checklist for installation of heat producing gas appliances 29th Oct 2015  • How plumbers can use review sites to increase business 21st May 2015  • The quest to stop illegal gas fitters with the Gas Safe Register 15th Jan 2015   
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