Aluminium Price Crash! Up to 70% off

Our February 2017 price extravaganza continues with massive discounts of up to 70% on all of our Designer Aluminium 'Eco' Radiators! We have a stunning selection of aluminium radiators finished in white, black, anthracite and silver in vertical and horizontal orientations. This gives you the flexibility to find the size, colour and shape to fit any space in your home - and we've just discounted them even further! Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals on Earth and has become an incredibly popular radiator material for a number of reasons. 1. It's an amazing heat conductor, meaning it heats up quickly. This can save you money as the radiator doesn't use unnecessary energy taking ages to heat up. 2. Studies have shown that aluminium radiators can be as much as 15% more energy efficient than other radiator materials, again, keeping down the cost of your energy bills. 3. Aluminium is very light, making it cheaper to store and transport. These savings are then passed down to you the customer. Light aluminium rads are also easier to install so your plumber will thank you and won't require the expense of a second person to help. 4. Aluminium is easy to recycle. It can be used again and agin without losing it's strength. Our aluminium rads are manufactured from recycled aluminium and they will be able to be recycled long after you've finished with them. 5. Aluminium is very pliable, which means radiator manufacturers have been able to create some stunning aluminium radiator designs which look great in any room. We carry many of those stunning designs in our range! With up to 70% and free delivery to all mainland UK addresses, get over to our website and grab yourself a bargain this February! View our  Designer Aluminium 'Eco" Radiator range >> Article by Benjamin Clarke
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