Boiler Scrappage Scheme In Scotland

The boiler scrappage scheme was launched in 2010 by the UK government. The aim of the scheme was to improve household heating systems and to reduce bills. UK citizens could apply for the grant of up to £400 to replace their old boiler for a new, more conventional heating system. This scheme has now ended in England and Wales but other incentives are available.‹¯¨

The scheme was always only ever able to offer a limited sum of money to kick-start the industry and raise awareness of energy efficiency: all the money available has now been allocated. In total, 133,976 vouchers were allocated; 118,249 boilers have been installed. Rebates had to be claimed within 12 weeks of the voucher being allocated, so if your voucher expired before you used it, you won’t be able to apply again.

The scrappage scheme is still available in Scotland, but all vouchers were used up in England and Wales. The government have reacted to this by promoting new schemes to save householders money. Some companies will continue to offer promotional discounts on new boiler installation at their own cost after the closure of the scheme. These discount programmes are not connected to the Government’s official Boiler Scrappage Scheme and you should always seek a number of quotes before buying a new boiler.

Alternatively, you can look at replacing your radiators to be more energy efficient and to save you money in the long run. As explained in a previous article, Aluminium Radiators are perfect for reducing your energy bills.


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