Can major energy companies help save me money?

With the huge strain of the current financial economy the British public are finding it hard to make ends meet. The number of household outgoings is putting a huge strain on families. It comes as a huge relief that Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has now announced the six big energy companies are now required annually to send customers information on which tariff would be best suited to them and how they can save money on their energy bills.‹¯¨

With hundreds of tariffs and suppliers to chose from, the British Public are overwhelmed with information, but it’s not that easy to understand, how do you know which tariff is best for you? The information that the companies will send out could potentially save customers up to £100 per year, which is what the public want and need.

The six big energy companies include EDF energy, British Gas, Scottish and Southern, Scottish Power, E.ON and Npower. These companies supply 99% of the of UK homes energy and from autumn they are required to send information on the best tariffs for their customers. Additional measures are being taken to those who are more venerable; such as those assisted by the warm home discount scheme and pensioners, these people will be contacted twice a year. If your tariff is coming to an end or you contact your supplier regarding the choice of tariffs available, they will also be required to give you the information then.

Clegg adds, there will be innovations to billing systems, he will be working with energy companies to add special bar-codes to energy bills to allow customers to check which is the best tariff and to enable them to switch tariff from their smart phones.

Nick also wants to push the government to encourage people to use energy saving measures within their homes, such as installing Eco friendly products and good insinuation products.

This new, mandatory information will have a huge positive effect, not only on the views of the British public saving money, but will also hopefully change the perception of the government. The move towards a more consumer focused and honest pricing system proposed by the new government will hopefully make the British public feel a sense of belief and gratitude in what is a difficult economic time for many.


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