Care and attention reminder for plumbers using Push-Fit connections

We’ve talked before on this blog about how the Push-Fit pipe connection system has made a huge difference to the plumbing and heating industry. However, recent research done by specialist construction industry insurers, ECIC, has revealed that poorly-fitted push-fit pipework can cause huge amounts of damage, leading to high insurance claims. If not fitted properly, water rushing through the pipes can cause them to burst open, potentially leading to massive water damage. Recent insurance claims dealt with by ECIC have ranged from a few thousand pounds in a home, to several hundred thousand pounds in a commercial property. In one particular instance, poorly fitted Push-Fit pipes in one home led to water damage of such severity that it caused a repair bill of £500,000. Push-Fit pipework has been used more and more in recent years and the reasons for this are very obvious. They are very quick to install, which cuts down in the time that plumbers need to spend on each job and the push-fit connection also works fantastically well in an emergency situation, helping to repair or cap a broken pipe very speedily. There is also no need for glue or solder when installing the push-fit connections, making them very easy to adjust or reposition if needed. However, it is absolutely vital that they are fitted correctly by someone who has been trained appropriately, otherwise, as outlined above, push-fit connections can go from being a useful and cost-effective piece of technology to a disaster costing many thousands of pounds. Not only is this a nightmare for the homeowner and their property, but it also damages the reputation of the plumber and the plumbing industry in general. Push-Fit technology will continue to be used in homes and commercial properties up and down the country, but these high profile insurance payouts should be a reminder that they require just as much care and attention as any other part of plumbing in the home, despite having the ability to make a job much easier than in years gone by. Article by Benjamin Clarke
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