Cast Iron Radiator Art by Team Recoat

<object width="660" height="360" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /></object></p> Being the culture vultures that we are, we recently attended an art exhibition on ‘Graffuturism’ at the excellent Recoat Gallery in Glasgow. Loosely defined as “ihe idea and strive for perfection through imperfection, the future yet the past”, the Graffuturism movement impacted us greatly and we wondered if we could incorporate it into our world of radiators! At Trade Radiators, we are strong believers in creating unique spaces and love the mix of old and new, or the Graffuturist concept of ‘the future yet the past’. Radiators should always be a key part of interior design planning, rather than just an after-thought, and we know many of our customers feel this way too, as evidenced in our Customer Image Gallery. Bearing all this in mind, we decided to commission one of the Team Recoat ‘Graffiti Futurists’ to do his thing with one of our cast iron radiators. As you can see from the accompanying video and photos, cast iron rads lend themselves perfectly to being customised, in similar fashion to an old house, car or piece of furniture. The combination of the traditional, the past, a time gone by, with the contemporary or even the future is absolutely irresistible. Armed with just a few cans of spray paint and a camera, local artist Mark Lyken of Team Recoat, came up to our office and worked his magic on this cast iron rad we shipped in especially. We’re incredibly pleased with the results and are very proud to be associated with such an exciting and vibrant art movement. We strive to be more than just a faceless online radiator retailer and we enjoy looking outside our comfort zone and sphere of influence in order to keep our company fresh, exciting and innovative. We hope you enjoy the video and images of this unique radiator art as much as we do! Team Recoat are based at The Recoat Gallery, 323 North Woodside Road, Glasgow G20 6ND and can be contacted at Article by Benjamin Clarke
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