Celebrating Our 100,000th Order!

Congratulations to Andrew Bargh from Lancashire, who became lucky order number 100,000 on TradeRadiators.com! We'd already decided that who made order number 100,000 would receive their order free of charge, so we were getting more and more excited as the orders got closer! Mr Bargh ordered the stylish Livenza Contemporary Chrome Radiator and he couldn't believe it when we phoned him to reveal the good news. We also added a free set of chrome valves to the winning package too! Funnily enough, Mr Bargh told us just that morning he'd seen a black cat pass outside his kitchen door and had turned to his wife to say "That's supposed to be good luck!" Well it certainly worked out that way, so congratulations Mr Bargh! We hope to get a picture of the radiator in situ soon!
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