Choosing A Radiator To Complement Your Decor

Considering how many stylishly-designed radiators there are out there, it still amazes us how unimaginative some people are when selecting a radiator for their homes. Yes, a radiator needs to do it's job and be functional, but that doesn't mean you have to opt for a bog standard white convector radiator to heat your room. Because we're radiator mad, we often notice that bars and clubs are often lacking in inspiration when it comes to rads. They spend a small fortune on interiors but often add radiators as an afterthought, without realising what a difference a radiator can make to a room. Unfortunately, our eye for radiator detail sometimes causes awkward moments when we visit friends' houses! Oops. The type of radiator you choose can also reveal more about your personality than you might realise - traditional, modern and contemporary, basic with no frills or extravagant and showy. Your choice of rad actually shows this, whether you realise it or not! Another added benefit of a well-chosen radiator is that it can actually increase the desirability of your house when/if you come to sell it. If you were buying a period property and compared one with standard white convector radiators to one with Victorian traditional cast iron radiators, which would you be more aesthetically impressed by? A small but very important touch that can make all the difference! All the pictures included in this post have been very kindly submitted by our customers and are not professional 'catalogue' photos. In each of these images you can see that a lot of care and attention has gone to selecting the right type of radiator for the room and the property. The radiators have clearly been carefully selected to match the colours of the decor and the sizes have been chosen to match the dimensions of the room. In each example, you can tell that the owners have deliberately included the radiator in their plans for the room, rather than tacked them on at the end. It really shows! Many thanks to Yvette, F Sheehan, Philippa, Ajay, Craig, dtjsilkys and E Broughton for submitting these excellent pictures! You can view our whole range of exciting, innovative and stylish radiators at Article by Benjamin Clarke
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